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bee scurt

Love the update, hate the new dicezone!

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For revamps
What's the current issue?

the new/old is entirely too small and the floor color is very hard on my eyes when fping. 
this is an issue because people can make excuses about their flower being a different color then it really was. i know they wanted to have some nostalgia, but maybe make we can find a happy medium with the 2. Being a TD i dont want to have to a chance for any confusion on who won. i should have easy visibility of what was planted.

What's your suggested way of fixing it?


I think we should move back to the old/new dicezone that had the big fp areas. but maybe in the middle for where DDing took place, putting the party room. Or just go back to old one outright because it wasnt broke.

How will this benefit player/server?


its not so crowded, theres no confusion on colors of flowers.
How could this be expanded in future?


If its not broken, it doesnt need fixed

What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)


Nothing, it was perfect the way it was.

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I agree 100%. The area is small and my eyes hurt just looking at my screen, never mind checking what the colour of the plants are.

I can certainly understand people feeling nostalgic, but this area isn't very user-friendly at all. Was this update discussed with Trusted Dicers, since this suggestion is coming from our newest Trusted Dicer @bee scurt, it might've been talked about before he got his position?

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14 hours ago, Cjbear said:

i vouch for this REVAMP the dicezone to a bigger party room! with the floor tiles different color for FP and another color for DD area!!!

I like this idea as well! 

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100% vouch for this suggestion, thought I was the only one who felt this way but glad to see I’m not. An increase in size with a different tile color scheme would be amazing.

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