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Dreamscape Update 119 - Ds Social + Dicezone Minipatch!

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It's that time again! Today we bring you a much needed

Mini patch! From the reimplementation of DS-Social to the Addition of new Dicezone! 

This Patch has a little something for everyone!  








After countless requests, and ultimately feeling that the current Dicezone has ultimately broken up the gambling community we have decided to bring back the

One and Only!

Party-Room Dice Zone!




Equipped with all of the current gambling features, including the roulette tables, 55x2 hosts and much, much more!   




Just head to ::dicezone! And you're set to go!

The (Old) New Dice zone is your one-stop-shop everything Dice! 







After careful consideration, we felt that the Karma Statue really needed a little TLC, as a result of this, we have added Olaf pieces, Am'morth pieces, and infernal pieces to the sacrificial offerings list! So you can maximize those Karma gainz!

Just head to your guild! And Click the Karma Statue for the list of the new sacrifices! 










Unfortunately due to some issues! we had to remove Ds-Social from last weeks update! However, we've managed to iron these out! and will be re-implementing it as a feature for all Sponsors +!






- Offline Messenging -

You can now send messages to players when they are offline!

This will show up in their DS Social Inbox and can easily be read, replied to or deleted at any time! No longer will you need to wait for a player to come online to send them a message! 


this is an extremely cool new feature that we believe is going to make a dramatic improvement to staff and players on dreamscape alike!



 - Best Friends - 

You will now be able to see who your best friends are!

Rated Gold, silver and bronze, your top 3 friends will show up on DS social with flair!

Your best friends are based on the number of messages you have sent them and received from them!


- Spectate - 

You can now watch your friends while they are playing Dreamscape!

Simply click the spectate button to witness their gameplay live and as it happens!



- Join - 

You can now teleport directly to your friends!

Click the join button to send them a request, they can chose for you to join them or deny your request!


This means no more meeting at locations, teleporting or running to meet people, simply click join and you will be up close and personal with your buddies!


- Emoji's - 

You can now send your best friends emoji's


Want to cheer up a friend after they lose a big gamble, send them a smiley face!

Want to congratulate your friend on a mad drop? send them a dollar eye smiley!

Feel like getting back at a mad roast... send your best friends a poop emoji!


- Date Added -

You can now see when you became friends with a player

Please note: this is from the update onwards and friends added before the update will be shown as pre:ETC


- Mutual Friend -

You can now see whether a player has you added or not!

If they have you added you will show as a mutual friend if not it will say you are not a mutual friend!











After careful consideration and a tonne of feedback! We feel that the new home is a little spacious and really needed to be given a little TLC. 


With this in mind, we introduce the brand new Home Portal System, 

The home portal system will allow players to navigate around the new home, to four major locations instantly!





The Four New Teleport Locations!


The Home Bank 




The Games Room




The DS - Fountain




The DS - Shops




We felt that Thugbob has been let down a bit, being thrown out of the old home! So we've opened up the grassy area near the DS-Fountain Teleport! Where you can take on him and his gang! 




      Sticking with the theme of nostalgia, we have reimplemented various skilling options at the beach at home, so you can get those EXP gainz! whilst relaxing in utter tranquility.






                                            23219.png     8e02d9aec9dafdfb29acc92178ac8ae5.png 23219.png


  Say Hello to the Dreamscapes Brand New Box on the Block! 

The Kismet box will allow you to obtain some of those pesky Karmaic Kismets

At a much faster rate, and ultimately allow some insane Karma gains.


The Kismet Box works similarly to the box of wealth but for Karma Kismets! 

(Top prize 10M Kismets)





This new box will be available in the Dreamscape Store, but for a limited time only! 

(limited time only section) Once they're gone they're gone!  






Steroids Corruption Cape

Custom Donation





Fezzy's Boots and Gloves

Custom Donation






Act I's Divine shoe

Custom Donation




Pvt Boots Emperor's Set!

Custom Donation







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Awesome updates, great job with the teleports for home cause walking took a while.


Hopefully dicezone gets a expanded a little as it's a little cramped at the moment, other than that good job !


( Nice custom btw Steroids )

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