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Karma Pet

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What is the content called

Karma pet

IF  GOOD pet is modeled after xebos with space texture


IF EVIL pet is modeled after Xebos with infernal texture


How does it work?

while completing daily karma tasks has a chance to drop the karma pet must complete all tasks for the chance for it to drop


What rewards does it give?

allows double karmic kismets in karma guild zone

How will it benefit server/players?

will make karmic kismets easier to obtain while training karma in guild zone

How could it be expanded in the future?

N/A left up to dev team


What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)

cant really think how it could be over powered seeing how the items in karma shop are high in price for the bonus's they give and the most u can afk at the tree which used to be best is 1hr 24k (without pet while 48K with pet)


I really think it would be neat for karma to have a pet for a custom skill


Appreciate any feedback as always have a good day DSGANG

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3 hours ago, Amfisca said:



This would surely motivate people to do the Karma grind. Would you let this stack with the Divine Scrimshaw/Patek Philippe Watch?

honestly for the people who put in the time I think they should allow it make it Way rewarding for actually doing karma 😄

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