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Today we hit you with a massive PVM based update!
We have given some old bosses some sweet sweet loving and evaluated a number of the money making ability of PVM with a view to increasing the money you can make from PVM!

We also launch a passion project and RSPS first... DS Social!







Introducing Dreamscape's most fearsome boss!
The god of the underworld and beahmoth of PVM... HADES!

We answered your call for a new end game boss and have brought you something very special!

Both a difficult boss to fight and a rewarding boss to kill that drops what we expect will be some very high value and tradable loot!




Hades has 1,000,000 HP and is in a multi combat zone!
There are 3 Hades' for you to fight and the person who does the most damage will get the loot!




Hades' will always drop cash but has some of the best drops on the server as ultra rare drops!

Hades' Torva becomes the best in slot melee armour, a fully textured and tradable set that packs a massive punch!


Hades' Cleaver is the new best in slot melee weapon with a number of juicy effects including: 2 hits per attack (same as the BFG9000) and 9x9 AOE.






We have given the Chaos Elementals a bit of a revamp!

We have buffed their HP to 20,000 and created a new area for them!




You will now also be able to earn new rewards from the chaos elementals!

Chaos Tentacles! (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi)

You can attach these to Elemental Armour as follows

Chaos Tentacle i - Elemental Helm

Chaos Tentacle ii - Elemental Platebody

Chaos Tentacle iii - Elemental Platelegs

Chaos Tentacle iv - Elemental Boots

Chaos Tentacle v - Elemental Kiteshield

Chaos Tentacle vi - Elemental Brutal Whip




The chaos Elemental Pet can now be upgraded to the Enraged Chaos Elemental Pet

This pet is upgraded at the ::upgrade chest and has 15% drop rate, 10% double drop rate and 10% luck!


Chaos Set (U)

The chaos set can now also be upgraded to the Chaos Set (U)





Icy Skeletons have had a revamp to try and bridge the gap and provide more PVM based content for mid-level players!


The Icy Skeletons now drop the Frost Bite Staff!


As well as some new armour pieces!

The Blizzard Set!



The Blizzard Shield!



You can also now upgrade the Glacier Staff (tier 3)

Frostbite -> Glacier Staff -> Blizzard Staff


f The Blizzard Staff has a series of OP effects to it that take this weapon to the next level!

0.6 Attack Speed (fastest possible)

1 in 8 chance to freeze NPC (so it cannot hit you)

Scroll of Fire Effect (static 250 DMG per hit)

2 x hit per attack (same as BFG)







We have upgraded everyone's favourite wicked wizard!

Magegray now has 1.5x HP making him a more fearsome foe!

However this has allowed us to add another Ultra rare drop to Magegray!

Introducing... the Magegray Totem!





This totem can be attached to a soulflare (u) to create the Soulflare (x)




This staff has the same huge stats as the soulflare (u) but with 0.6 x attack speeds (3 times faster then the soulflare (u) - allowing for crazy DPS)






We have responded to the call for a brand new home and have totally revamped our home including a juicy custom map!


The new home is larger to accommodate our growing player base and has a number of features that should make game play both more intuitive and a nicer experience!


To the north we have a large open area for players to meet, events to happen and various objects for day to day DS gameplay (including the altars to change your prayer, donator fountain, immortal stones altar, ironman instance portal and telescope)


To the west we have a games room with a number of objects for you to  use for our minigames, including the BG portal, scoreboards, arcade and more!


To the east are the shops which are split up into sections to reduce congregation and lag in these areas, we have skilling shops, general shops, pvm shops and points shops separated out so you can more easily find what you need!


To the south is a large bank area, which contains your collection chests and banks!








Today we introduce something revolutionary to the RSPS scene... DS Social!

D Boasting a number of extremely innovative features DS social allows you to interact with your friends, players and staff alike in a totally new way!


To access DS Social, click the social button in the friends list.




Please note: at the time of release, we are launching DS Socials to Sponsor +, this will allow us to monitor DS social and ensure it is working safely and as intended.






- Offline Messenging -

You can now send messages to players when they are offline!

This will show up in their DS Social Inbox and can easily be read, replied to or deleted at any time! No longer will you need to wait for a player to come online to send them a message! 


this is an extremely cool new feature that we believe is going to make a dramatic improvement to staff and players on dreamscape alike!



 - Best Friends - 

You will now be able to see who your best friends are!

Rated Gold, silver and bronze, your top 3 friends will show up on DS social with flair!

Your best friends are based on the number of messages you have sent them and received from them!


- Spectate - 

You can now watch your friends while they are playing Dreamscape!

Simply click the spectate button to witness their gameplay live and as it happens!



- Join - 

You can now teleport directly to your friends!

Click the join button to send them a request, they can chose for you to join them or deny your request!


This means no more meeting at locations, teleporting or running to meet people, simply click join and you will be up close and personal with your buddies!


- Emoji's - 

You can now send your best friends emoji's


Want to cheer up a friend after they lose a big gamble, send them a smiley face!

Want to congratulate your friend on a mad drop? send them a dollar eye smiley!

Feel like getting back at a mad roast... send your best friends a poop emoji!


- Date Added -

You can now see when you became friends with a player

Please note: this is from the update onwards and friends added before the update will be shown as pre:ETC


- Mutual Friend -

You can now see whether a player has you added or not!

If they have you added you will show as a mutual friend if not it will say you are not a mutual friend!







We have made some changes to AFK island to address some concerns from players about the way in which AFK island was effecting both gameplay and the economy.


You may now use AFK island for 1 hour per day as a base level.

However you can buy additional 1 hour slots of time at afk island from the Arcade Shop!




The extra hour pass costs 1000 arcade points and can be used for additional afk island time!







Introducing the set maker!

Talk to the set maker at home

Here you will be able to swap pieces of armour for their sets

e.g. Devious helm, body and legs = Devious Set

This should make buying and selling sets much more easy and allow for trading of sets to be done in a more orderly fashion!





! We have added a new mechanism that will allow users who have donated that week to get an automatic reward!

Admins will now have the ability to set a weekly prize and players who donate during that week will automatically get rewarded with that item!


This is just another way for us to extend our tremendous gratitude for those players who have gone out of their way to support us and ensure that we can continue to bring you the hottest updates, coolest content and keep the greatest RSPS of all time running!



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Amazing update! only have 1 problem with it tho the Afk for a 1 hour a day but additonal hours can be bought through arcade for 1k really hinders ironmen used to be able to sell mboxs to the ticket dealer for money cant do that now, afk was very good for ironmen, just feels like iron always get a short end of the stick 😕 wouwould be nice if u added diglet to the instamce portals for irons to have a decent money maker since most we can do is chuck coins into the well or item lottery. other then that amazimg update

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