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Development Blog #3 - 19/08/19

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What's up dreamers!


Wanted to hit you with the third of our development blogs! We are trying to become more transparent and open about our development as well as working more with you the players to design content that you want to see!


The coming update deals with some juicy new content! Adding more content that can be played and is lasting! This update focuses largely on PVM with some revamps to bosses and also some new bosses! It is likely that due to the scale of this update, we will split it over 2 patches to ensure that you aren't waiting too long to play this juicy new content!


We are hoping to hit you with the next update in the coming week or two

(however these things are hard to give an exact ETA)



Revamping Bosses


One of the things with any video game is keeping content relevant and up to date! Over time bosses and boss drops can come out of fashion or lose their value. There are 2 ways for us to counteract this. Revamp them and bring them up to date 'OR' add new bosses to fill the gap that they had.

We have decided to do both!


Coming soon you will notice some of Dreamscape's oldest bosses getting a healthy face lift and some love and attention. Some bosses will get their combat stats buffed making them harder to kill, meaning that we can add in some juicy new drops for them! We have tried to ensure that these drops work alongside the existing drops!


So expect a bunch of upgradable options to existing items, including some very juicy new gear upgrades for mid-level players!



(I call this one the Planet Fitness set hahaha)




New Bosses


We are also going to be adding some new bosses over the coming months including some crazy new end game bosses with new tradable very high tier gear!


We wanted to add a boss that can be played in the end game and also be used to make money in game as well as bridging a gap in the combat triangle filled by underperforming Melee.


When designing a boss we always start with an idea of where we want to go, this time we decided to go with a Greek themed, underworld theme!


I do not want to share too many spoilers, but in the next few updates you can expect to see Hades up close and personal!



(Hades Set and Sword)





As always, we are working very hard behind the scenes to bring you packed updates with juicy new content to keep Dreamscape the number 1 custom private server!



Drax and the Development Team

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Love this idea! I am a huge Greek mythology nerd so this is right up my alley. Can’t wait to kill Hades and get his set. 


But I love these Development threads, I think it’s a great way to get an inside scoop of all good things to come!! 


Keep up the the good work Drax and development team 🖤🖤

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