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Update 117 - Miniboss revamp! Custom boots! Quality of life improvements!

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Today's update sees an expansion to the minibosses as well as some cosmetic changes to boots and a large number of quality of life improvements!







We have added a major expansion to some of Dreamscape's Favourite and oldest content!

The minibosses!


For a lot of us here at Dreamscape, minibosses were one of the first places we went to train when we started, and we thought it was time that these pesky pals were given an upgraded version for mid-game players!


As well as the normal minibosses, extreme donators + will now be able to access the Minibosses (+)


5 new minibosses that are based on some of Dreamscape's most fearsome foes!

You may kill 1000 Minibosses (+) per day!


These new minibosses have a unique trick up their sleeves! They drop 1-hour items! These items are your chance to get your hands on some end game gear for a limited time to test the items as well as get a major acceleration to your gameplay!


Each item will last 1 hour of combat before crumbling to dust!

These drops are as follows:

Mini Voldemort - 1 Hour Crystal Set

Mini Magegray - 1 Hour Soulflare

Mini Diablo - 1 Hour Devious Set

Mini Vendura - 1 Hour Avery Ring

Mini Shredder - Box of Wisdom


We hope these new minibosses offer something new and unique as well as the chance to train with some end game gear without paying end game prices!









Today we introduce A brand new multi-loot box! The Black Diamond Box! 

This box contains some of the best pocket slot items in-game and a brand new way to train your DS exclusive skills!


Without further ado I present 


The 5 New Pocket Slot Power Stones! 




Pocket slot Power Stones are ultimately a brand new way to improve your PVM experience with some insane benefits, from extreme healing to 5x your max hit! these stones will be a vital part of any hardcore PVMers arsenal!


The Stone of Healing -  Gives you 5 health back per hit, stacking with all other methods of healing!

The Stone of Redemption - The Stone of Redemption is similar to the Stone of Healing! but restores 5 prayers points per hit!

The Stone of Vengence - This particular stone has a vengeance like effect upon every hit taken to increase your damage output whilst taking a lot of damage!

The stone of resurrection - Is absolutely vital if you're heading into that extreme arcade grind, whilst equipping this stone, if you drop below 10 hp! you will automatically be healed back to full health!

(1 minute cooldown time)

The Stone of Power - Now this stone is absolutely insane! with 1-10 chance to 5x your max hit! How can you go wrong! 



The Brand New Antique lamps!




Today we introduce a new way to level your DS exclusive skills antique lamps will give you 500k exp in a random skill out of the following Karma, Gambling and Scavenger!  








One of the questions we get asked a lot is regarding the coloring and texturing of items!

We wanted to try something new and put some power in your hands... quite literally!


Sponsors+ will now have the ability to 're-skin' their quantum boots at the king of sponsors at ::ownercape!


Players can pay a 1m fee and have their quantum boots changed from space-themed to one of the following:


                                                                              Inferno Theme



Purple Mist Theme



Acidic Theme



Rainbow Theme






As well as the quantum boots getting a modification option, players can also 're-skin' their space boxing gloves!


Players can pay a 1m fee and have their Space Boxing Gloves changed from space-themed to one of the following:


 Inferno Theme



Purple Mist Theme



Acidic Theme



Rainbow Theme







We have fixed a number of bugs and ironed out some kinks with the gear viewer interface. This interface should now be more functional and easier to use as well as being able to be opened in the respective allowed areas without fault.

We have adjusted the notification from Goodiebag Island so it will now show quantities, as well as the prize, won.

We have added a teleport option on all soul keys, slayer keys and raids keys to the soul room! This should make using keys a lot quicker and easier!

We have added a 10% drop rate, double drop rate and luck to the Charged infinity gauntlet! This crazy OP magic weapon just got more OP to match other end game weapons!

We have added infinity keys to scavenger skill training! they will give the same exp as crystal keys do!

We have fixed the platinum partner title color so that it shows correctly in chat.





We have made a number of improvements to the way that items are loaded and handled by the client.


This update sees significant changes to the 'behind the scenes' handling of items and the way in which they are loaded into the client as well as the way that switching items and interfaces that display items are displayed.


This will be most notable in the bank interface with the delay between opening the bank and your items displaying being removed as well as much smoother and delay-free item swapping and tab changing abilities.


This also affects the handling of both NPC shops and the player-owned shops with the items loading in much more quickly and enabling for smoother display of items within shop based interfaces!





We have made some major improvements to the chatbox handling!


These changes should cause a noticeable improvement to the way in which chatbox messages, yells and public chat are viewed and the way in which messages are handled.


There is now a lot less delay in time between the messages being sent and then them being displayed in the chatbox. Furthermore, chatboxes should now mirror so that players see messages at the same time!


As well as this, players utilizing custom yell tags and yell colors should now have their messages processed as quickly as those without, especially useful for events!


This small change should add some behind the scenes quality of life to the gameplay experience as well as allow for some future development we have on the cards regarding chat!






ACT I's Cape

Custom Donation



Fezze's Set

Custom Donation



The Pride Dubby

Reward from the platinum partner loot crates




Cyco Gek's Cape

Custom Donation




Rallen's Cape

Custom Donation




420 Killer's Helicopter

Custom Donation









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new mini bosses, dope. just hope the drop rate isnt too bad. since they drop alot of lamps do they also have a chance for the new custom lamp?


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