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HC Canada

[July 2019] Dreamers Monthly

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Today we are introducing the Dreamers Monthly for another cycle!

This Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers,

the Introduction of some new players and Farewells, and much much more!

Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now!

News Team Application Format


Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? Try messaging @Englishlog or @HC Canada


Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it featured in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a message to @Englishlog or @HC Canada


DreamScape Social Media


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ErsKAJP.png Instagram




As always we would like to start by welcoming this month's new Platinum Partners!


This month, we are welcoming @hickabilly & @Seduction!!

These two fine fellas have proven their immense commitment to DreamScape and we appreciate every last bit of it!


For more info about the Platinum Partnership, click the diamond!



Next up, we've got a new JTZp8Pf.png News Team member! Congrats to @Sen jr on joining the team as a JTZp8Pf.png News Team Reporter!


We also had @The dibber making moves as the newest JTZp8Pf.png News Team Editor!


This month saw the addition of two new 77HvcZx.png Trusted Dicers, a warm welcome goes out to @The dibber and @dwarfr4nger!


This month was a rather quiet one as far as server staff promotions go, but of course we must offer a hugest congrats to @Cjbear on his promotion from  SriVdUY.gif Helper to  khTY6Rb.gif Global Moderator!!


I would like to personally welcome @Eira to the rFVX1ME.png Wiki Team!

And a special mention goes out to @SemiCircles, @peripheral, @Hasdfhiasdfh, and the now departed @We Back Yeet who joined therFVX1ME.png Wiki Team last month but didn't get a mention. Sorry boys!


Every month we have new people join our wonderful community, as well as old friends returning.


This month we would like to start by giving a warm welcome to @hadachimuffin :


 Next up, welcome to @Kait 💜, we hope you enjoy your stay!


Third, a man who needs no introduction, welcome to our newest Wiki Editor, @Eira :


This time a welcome back, everybody say hey to @PinPin who has returned after a long absence!


And lastly, we welcome yet another nick (why are there so many of these guys???), @afade :


From all of us here on DreamScape, we hope you enjoy your stay!




1. So how did you get your name?

"Well the eng part came from "english", and log doesn't make much sense but I went with it anyway."



2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"In 5 years I see myself working as a software engineer, as that's what I've been planning on studying in college. I am headed to college in under a year now, so 5 years of now I hope to be out the other side."


3. What has been your favourite moment as a DS staff member?

"My favourite moments have been seeing people apply for staff whom I specifically recommended. It makes me happy that they are going in a direction which was motivated by my words."



4. What is your single favourite item on DreamScape?

"Dubby's Favourite 😈."



5. Do you have any hobbies in real life?

"In real life I play goalkeeper, I love to go out with my homies and have some fun."



6. What has been your favourite update in all your time on DS?

"Favourite update is when they added the oblivion dragon to the game and a lot of people went to slaaaaay the dragon!!!
We just had so much fun during that time."



7. What is the biggest piece of advice you have for DS newcomers?

"My biggest piece of advice to the community is to follow the rules, have fun playing the game, and another piece of advice when gambling:
I highly recommend you not gamble your pvming, set its basically a way out if you get cleaned."



8. Any last words or shoutouts?

"Would love to give a shout-out to the news team for their hard work, dedication and placing all their effort into making the monthly dreamers.
Shoutout to the staff team and the beloved community!"




1. Can you explain your name?

"When I was in high school, I took Latin as my language requirement. The Latin word for "king" is Rex, and it's possessive form "of the king" is Regis. When making my name, i knew i wanted a form of the word king, but didn't want the English word, and "rex" was interesting for me, so i settled on Regis. I've also heard a lot of different pronunciations, but the one that I use works like the word regal, or ree-jiss."



2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"In five years, I'l ideally have finished my MBA and found a solid corporate job. I start my MBA program in January, so that goal might be a bit sooner than I would hope! Beyond that, I've always wanted to teach myself basic coding, which is something I've been slowly working on for the past few years. If I stick with it, I think I'll have a pretty good grasp in five years."



3. What has been your favourite moment as a DS staff member?

"I don't think I can put my finger on a favorite moment overall, but being able to host fun hide and seek events is always a good time. I like to think some of my spots and hints really dive into the history of RuneScape and it's fun to see people find the really odd and cryptic hint - spot combinations i come up with."



4. What's your single favourite item in DS?

"My favorite item in DS is my icy sled, as Werwg kept trying to get me to sell it to him, and the colors work well with my King Donator Cape and light blue character model that I have used across all iterations of RuneScape since 2007."



5. Do you have any hobbies in real life?

"I've been a gamer since the time I could move a mouse. Starting with old pc games in the backyard sports franchise, moving on to games like super smash brothers melee, halo, call of duty, and especially RuneScape, my best friends and experiences have all happened whilst gaming. Other than that, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and cooking."



6. What's been your favourite update in all your time on DS?

"I have two favorite updates. First, and I am a little bit biased, was the addition of the crystal chest to the soul room. That addition came from one of the first suggestions I made to the server, and I was extremely happy to see it implemented. My other favorite was the ds-coin update. I studied economics in college, and have an interest in how "currency" as a concept works. The aftermath of shifting the entire economy from the gold coin standard to something knew is an extremely fascinating way to approach the management of an in-game economy. I'm a total nerd for these types of things."

Note: Regis is a total nerd, full stop. Not just "for these types of things".



7. What's the biggest piece of advice you have to DS newcomers?

"My biggest piece of advice is never be afraid to ask questions. Even beyond the brilliant helpers and staff team, there are many members of our community who will jump at the opportunity to make your time in DS an enjoyable one. Between the forum guides and the wiki, the amount of resources available to new players within this community is better than many other game's that I've played. Never be shy about asking a question, chances are you aren't the only one who wants to know the answer!"



8. Any last words or shoutouts?

"I'd like to shoutout the other two helpers that joined the team when I did, Hc Canada and the now global moderator CJBear. When I look back at our time before being helpers, I'm amazed and humbled by the opportunity to be grouped with two players who have done so much for the community. Whether its the wiki or the forum guides, you both set a standard for helpers which has served as a great motivation for me over the past month, and will continue to do so. Looking forward to seeing how far all of us can go!"



1. How long have you been playing Dreamscape?
A little over a month!


2. If you could have any rank in-game for a day, what would it be and why?
Executive to fish all those sweet sweet rainbow fish haha


3. What is your favourite bit of content added to the game, old or new?
Mainly the custom items. It's what makes the server so unique. It would just be another RSPS without it.

4. If you could have any item in-game, what would it be and why?
Executive cape to handle those pesky corp beast tasks.

5. What's one thing you would like to see added to DreamScape?
Uhhhh..... Some more mid-tier items that would help the grind to end-game. Nothing in particular.


Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give?
Just a huge shout to the staff for all the support they give everyone, especially during that server issue we had a month ago. That took a huge toll on the community and they all handled it better than I think anyone else could have.


This month, we are congratulating @Hc ToLose on reaching 2,000,000 NPC kills. This is a monumental number, and something we all see him working on every day of the week. Congrats!


Also worthy of being congratulated is @izuchi who was the first dreamer to reach 99 Karma, absolutely rinsing his bank in the process. Can he be the first to 120 as well? Who knows. But for now, we wish him a huge congratulations for this achievement!



Tea or coffee? I rarely drink either but on a  long day of work a cup of coffee can get you a long ways.

Indica or sativa? I would have to say sativa. I enjoy the mellow, but getting a nice workout here and there is good for you haha.

iPhones or androids? My android does me fine does everything I need and don't need haha.

Day or night? Night, everything is calm during the night.

Winter or summer? Summer for sure, snow interferes with everything. 

Cash or card? Card, I'm terrible with spending cash, so I obtained way too much change using cash haha.

Fortune or fame? Fortune. I'd rather be rich and not known than be famous and stalked haha.

Range or mage? Mage, these charged infinity gauntlets are too op.

Good vs Evil (karma)? I joined the evil side because why not sometimes being the good guy isn't always the best thing >:]

Merching or PVM? I would have to say PVM I have 18k Raiden kc on record and maybe 3-4k off record and I would say I've made quite a bit of money there in my ds days haha .

Going out or staying in? Going out is always a good time, but I would have to say staying in having a smoke session and gaming is the fun times now. 


Shoutout to all the og's still around, all the plat partners, staff and everyone else who contributes to keep the server alive and better than ever! Keep up the grinds ds gang and stay lit!





Tea or coffee? Tea, because coffee is nasty.

iPhones or androids? Androids, because apple is overpriced .

Day or night? Day, because I enjoy doing stuff.

Winter or summer? Summer, because I love the sun and warmth.

Cash or card? Card, because  I hate change.

Fortune or fame? Fame, with Fame comes fortune.

Range or mage? Range, because Robin hood.

Good vs Evil (karma)? Evil, I'm an evil mother trucker. 

Merching or PVM? Merching, because my luck is non existent.

Going out or staying in? Staying in, order a takeaway and get fat.



Tea or coffee? Tea. Don't drink much of either but I prefer tea when I do.

Indica or sativa? Sativa. When I smoke I don't want to end up couch locked, I want to get out and enjoy my time with friends.

iPhones or androids? Androids, a lot more customizability and you can download .apk apps that aren't approved and not brick your phone (jailbreaking).

Day or night? Night. My eyes are a bit light sensitive and I generally enjoy the cooler temps.

Winter or summer? Winter I prefer the cold weather and love playing in the snow, hence the name Eira.

Cash or card? Card, more convenient.

Fortune or fame? Fortune. I like to live a quiet life so I'd rather be rich than in the spotlight.

Range or mage? Mage. Yer a wizard Harry.

Good vs Evil (karma)? Good, didn't feel like negatively impacting the server so I could train my skill.

Merching or PVM? PVM, too impatient to merch effectively

Going out or staying in? Staying in. I'm pretty shy around new people so I usually stay in unless I'm going out with people I know








474a3181533cab168e0d4b69c003d53e.png       5c42ed0f744339eadad1af06d3556e8f.png


3ea73fa73f4edb13883dc271e23ae630.png            83b5a8d7d060f097d2b62d38838a4318.png


11d79cabff43ff6cdf5a71c67a5be9e4.png             3d713da5bc7ca89db048a34604651c43.png





A DreamScape reenactment of the Area 51 raid, circa 2019.



Which faction did you choose to join in the Karma skill, and why? Tell us below!!


What room do ghosts avoid???


Tell us what you come up with in your comment below!


Thank you all for reading this month's edition! Please let us know if you liked it, and tell us how we can do better!!



Founder - @Bench Press

Founder - @Squishy

News Team Adviser - @Feeds

Chief Editor & Manager  -  @Englishlog & @HC Canada

Editor - @The dibber

Reporter - @Werwg

Reporter - @W I N G Z

Reporter - @Sen jr

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Though Regis is a nerd but he’s a sweetheart ;)  Canada cropped me out of the picture 😞 for pic of the month.. 


anyway great work as always news team! 

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