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Dreamscape Fashion event! 17th - 25th July!

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Welcome everyone to the Dreamscape Custom specific fashionscape event!

In this event we will be seeing who can make the best outfit out of the customs only available in Dreamscape!

What this fully means is you may only use customs from Dreamscape, no base RS items!

I look forward to what you guys can come up with, rules prizes and info on how to enter below!




1. All submissions must follow the Dreamscape rules.

2. You may only enter once, but can change your outfit. All entries will be reviewed on the end date.

3. Only one of your accounts can enter, making multiple accounts to enter will get your removed from the competition.

4. You must use only Dreamscape custom items, no base RS items allowed.


How to enter:


1. Post your in game name on your post.

2. Attach your picture to the thread, I will not be opening any links. 

3. Make sure it follows all the rules of the competition.


Prizes To Be Won:


First Place: AK-47 Asiimov! 




Second Place: Eternal Khiones Staff!



Third Place: Avery's Ring!




Static Prize: Two Event Boxes!




Hope you all have fun in this event and good luck to everyone!

This event will run from today to July 25th when the winners will be announced!

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In-game name:




Description (not required):


I went with a "Elven" kind of style, and the Crystal set goes very well with the Lord of the Rings themed, Woodland Realm kind of style. The staff really looks like a king-like weapon.


Goodluck to all other participants!

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