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Low-Mid Tier Healing Pet

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For new content
What is the content called: Vendura Jr
How does it work? New Pet
What rewards does it give? SS Effect only
How will it benefit server/players? More accessible pet progression for newcomers. Could be a nice vote incentive, a rare drop, good for events, type challenges, etc.
How could it be expanded in the future? - 
What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Acts as a good stepping stone for lategame pets because it's currently like chaos ele -> necro, which is around a 30m jump in price. Diablo Jr and Necro Jr prices might go down, but unlikely, because they would still have the DR% over Vendura Jr. 

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Necro Jr only has 5% drop rate, a pet with only SS effect would likely only be a couple mil DSCoins cheaper than necro jr. Seems a little pointless and a bit of a waste in dev time, so no vouch from me.

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