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Dreamers Monthly - June 2019

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Today we are introducing the Dreamers Monthly for another cycle!

This Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers,

the Introduction of some new players and Farewells, and much much more!

Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now!

News Team Application Format


Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? Try messaging @Englishlog or @HC Canada


Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it featured in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a message to @Englishlog or @HC Canada


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The Dreamers Monthly hasn't historically included a foreword, but circumstances this month are a little bit different. As everyone is aware at this point, DreamScape had an issue with its old host this month which resulted in a large amount of lost account data. This has been one of the hardest times in DreamScape's history for all of us, staff and players alike.


We would like to offer a warm thank you to everyone for their patience through this time of difficulty, and for their understanding. This has been a tough experience for all of us and we would like to thank everybody who stepped up and helped their fellow players through this.


DreamScape may have its difficulties, but we will always pull through stronger than ever. Thank you for your trust and for sticking with us through thick and thin!








As always we would like to start by welcoming this month's new Platinum Partners!


This month, we are welcoming @Killer One, @cyco gek, @chubyhorse2@Lvcifer, @Catepectl, & @Twituchu!

These five fine folks have proven their immense commitment to DreamScape and we appreciate every last bit of it!


For more info about the Platinum Partnership, click the diamond!




Next up, we've got three new JTZp8Pf.png News Team members! Congrats to @Nsideoutcast, @The dibber, and @W I N G Z on joining the team as JTZp8Pf.png News Team Reporters!


This month saw the addition of two new 77HvcZx.png Trusted Dicers, a warm welcome goes out to @IAmGoalieHC and @cyco gek

We also saw the rare event of a promotion to 77HvcZx.png Legacy Host this month. A huge congrats goes to @We Back Yeet.


Congratulations are in order for our four new SriVdUY.gif Helpers: @regis, @2rich2die, @Cjbear, and @HC Canada. They have been putting in a lot of time and hard work to help out the community and have earned a spot on the staff team.


@HC Canada has been busy this month and has also earned promotions to the positions of n5cbCbh.gif Wiki ManagerID5sbAg.gif Forums Moderator, and JTZp8Pf.png News Team Co-Manager. A massive congratulations goes out to him!


Last but certainly not least, we would like to congratulate and welcome @Werwg and @C h r i s to their new position of 

jliW8zW.gif In-Game Administrator. This position has been well earned by both of them!!




Every month we offer a welcome to all the members who have offered up introductions during the month. this month we have the following:


To start, a warm welcome goes to @C lit!

Next up, we welcome @lastchancer back to the server! Always nice to see our #DSGANG veterans return.


We would of course like to issue a warm welcome back to @Filth! We may not see him in game but if you see him around the forums, say hey!


We are glad to welcome another DS vet back to the server, @JimBandz!

And lastly, we welcome Alex, or @Zero Cool to the #DSGANG!


We hope you all enjoy your stay here at DreamScape!



1) Would you like to give us an introduction about yourself?

Well my name is Cyco Gek as everyone knows it, or my real name Bjorn. I'm from Belgium, I'm 22 Years old and yeah that's about it.


2) You recently got into the Platinum Partnership program (Congratulations) what has been your favorite part about being a plat so far?

My favourite thing about being plat is everything: the plat zone, and those extra lootboxes you get! It’s sick and I'm so excited to get on the plat trip and to meet the other plats and staff members, and with the thumper plat is so nice. 


3) What's your favorite thing about the platinum zone?

The npcs, you can multikill so it’s fast and easy.


4) You're on the discord Karaoke channel quite a bit; what's your favorite song to sing?

Well my favorite song to sing is : hopsin - picasso.


5) Any shout outs or words of Advice for the DreamScape community?

If you keep playing you will get there if you keep grinding for the stuff you want. There’s a nice community and if you are going to gamble you need to know when to stop and remember to record or make screenshots so you can't get scammed.


1) Can you give us a small introduction about yourself?

Well well well! As ALMOST EVERYONE knows now, i am from Australia and my name is Connor  (Werwg in game). I am also 17 years old.


2) What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time i love to go to the gym/spend time with the fam. Also i spend a little bit of time on DS.


3) When did you start playing Dreamscape and how did you find out about the game?

I started back in 2016/2017, but i only started the Werwg account on Feb 2nd of this year.


4) Since the last edition of Dreamers monthly you got a promotion to Admin (congratulations). What’s been your favorite thing about your new role?

I did! Being an admin had opened up so many new opportunities for me! It is a great honor to be able to represent DreamScape on such a high level. My favorite thing about the role has to be the workload. It's always giving me something to do and always keeping me busy. 


5) What would you like to see implemented in Dreamscape in the future?

I would love to see many more bosses added into dreamscape! I think that would be extremely sick.


6) What’s your favorite item on Dreamscape?

My favourite item, hmmmm. I'd genuinely have to say @Dreamz40's set. that green and black set is the sexiest set that i have ever worn.


7) Do you have anything you’d like to say to the community or any shoutouts?



1) Would you like to give us a small intro about yourself?

I’m Chris, 23, and i'm doing a double degree in law and psychology.


2) So how did you first find out about dreamscape and what was your first impression of the server? 

I found out about DreamScape in the very beginning, my brother was browsing rune locus i believe, and stumbled across it. This would have been early 2015, and my first impression: overwhelming to be honest! After playing a tonne of OSRS, and RS3 at that point it was a nice change to play something so relaxing.


3) What was your favorite update throughout your time on dreamscape?

My favorite update was the platinum update! At first I thought it was an April fool’s joke and then it was released and we realized it was a real thing and that’s so cool.


4) If you could have any custom made what would it be?

I would get a Khione’s staff which is gray on the ends and a skull in the middle.


5) What’s your favorite thing about being a helper? (This question didn't age well)

Being able to help the community on another level and learning some valuable life lessons which will be beneficial to me in the future


6) Do you have any hobbies in real life?

I play the guitar for at least 1 hour a day, my favorite thing to play is metal and I’ve been playing for 7-8 years.


7) Any shoutouts or advice you’d like to give the community?

Go to ::mbox and kill penguins get a Xebos invitation, sell it and get a frostbite staff.

“Language please” - werwg, 2019


This month's achievements both surround the Arcade Minigame, where a handful of people put in some serious work this month!


To begin with, we had @izuchi being the first player to 1,000 Avengers Arcade completions! Not only did he manage this in no time at all, but he also pulled two infinity stones along the way!




Next and last, but certainly not least, a MASSIVE congratulations goes out to @808raptor for being the very first person to complete 100 waves of the Endless Arcade. This is easily the toughest challenge available in all of DreamScape and after just a few trial runs, he crushed it!





Ninjas or Pirates? Ninjas all the way, I've always liked the concept of invisible dudes who can do basically anything without being seen.


Couch Or Recliner? Recliner for sure because option of choosing the angle you are sitting at is something I love in my chairs.


Merching or PvM? Tough one, gotta go with PvM though because I cant merch to save my life. I always start merching and end up failing miserably with tens of the same item and ultimately fail.


Cups in the cupboard: Right side up or upside down? Depends on the cupboard, if its like the ones above the kitchen sink with those grills as the bottom part then its upside down for sure. On the cupboards with solid bottom I have to say that anyone who puts cups upside down in there is a maniac and should participate in some kind of psychological test.


Big party or small gathering? Both have their upsides, in a big party you can meet a lot of new people and get shitfaced and nobody will probably remember what you did. In a small gathering with close friends you can open up about things bothering you and drink without feeling insecure. I'm gonna have to go with small gatherings here.


Spring or fall? Fall for sure because I know the weather is gonna get colder. I don't hate spring either but I hate whats coming after it, summer is a pain.


Regular arcade or Avengers arcade? Avengers arcade is my favorite because of the fast pace it has. The normal arcade has 45 boring waves and 5 waves that might kill you.


Hamburger or taco? Taco for sure, you can do so much more with taco than you can with a hamburger, so many flavor options.


Work hard or play hard? Both, cant have one without the other.



Ninjas Or Pirates? Ninjas. Because I like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. And katanas.

Cups In The Cupboard: Right Side Up Or Up Side Down? Right side up so you don't accidentally trap any lizards.

Emperor's Ring or Emperor's Necklace? Necklace. Free money!! Also the ring is invisible, with the necklace you get to look like a baller.

Big Party Or Small Gathering? Small gathering, hard to keep up in a big party, I prefer to be able to focus on everyone there.

Toast or Bagel? Toast, bagels are just pretentious bread. Toasted brioche with some butter... mmmmmm....

This is where we went on a tangent... Note: If you're hungry, get some rice, top with Japanese mayo and an egg sunny-side-up.

Merching or PvM? PvM, because it's something I can do whenever I want. Merching is hard to keep up with. Plus, getting drops is satisfying.

Spring Or Fall? Spring, I guess. My country doesn't really have seasons, only rainy or sunny.

Hamburger Or Taco? Hamburger! There is a million ways to customize a burger. Don't get me wrong, tacos aren't bad, but burgers are better.

Side note: As a professional chef, CJBear says he cant be friends with anyone who likes pineapples in their food.

Cocktails or wine when eating food? If I were to choose, wine. But I'd rather neither, I prefer guinness. Cocktails are for pussies... who needs mixers?



Ninjas Or Pirates? Ninjas, because they're smarter than pirates. Intelligence is important as it allows you to achieve a lot more.


Cups In The Cupboard: Right Side Up Or Up Side Down? Upside down; right-way-up leaves residue in the cup and I like my glasses sparkly clean.

Note: According to Goalie, if CJBear is trapping lizards in his cabinets, he's got bigger problems than cup orientation...


Merching or PvM? PvM, mainly because my merching experience is limited. I've always been into playing a game to its fullest, and I don't believe bank standing and merching achieves that. Its a good side hustle though.


Toast or Bagel? Bagel all the way! Every bite of a bagel can be different. Sometimes you get a sweet bite, sometimes savory. Because of that, you can play around more with toppings.

When asked what he thought about CJBear calling bagels "pretentious bread": I mean I see where he's coming from bust toast is BORING. Why have vodka when you can mix it into a cocktail?


Cocktails, wine, or beer with your food? Now this one really depends. Beer most of the time because it's so refreshing and never tastes *bad*. Nothings tastes better after a long day. But after a few beers, i usually switch to cocktails.

Note: "We don't do jager bombs, we do jager longs." is a great motto.


Big Party Or Small Gathering? Small gatherings! 90% of my nights out are just with my closest friends. Big parties can be fun but the best memories are made while drunk with good friends. There's nothing really better than a few beers with people you genuinely appreciate.


Hamburger Or Taco? Oooh that's a hard one. I'm going to have to say hamburger. It goes with so many more side dishes than tacos do. The only thing tacos go with is more tacos.


Couch Or Recliner? Recliner all the way! I hate not being able to put my feet up.

Note: According to Goalie, the UK has reclining sofas?!?!?! What???


Work Hard Or Play Hard? Overall, I have to say play hard! You're only on this planet a short time, so why work hard and never enjoy life? Always enjoy the moment and live without regrets. There are times to work hard, to make the playing more viable, but you should never sacrifice your enjoyment. Go get your dreams, don't get caught in the rat race. That's why I go play in the snow in Canada for 6 months of the year!


Every month, we show off a collection of Dreamers who stumbled across some awesome loot! Here are the lucky folks who made the cut this month:


7797ec50fd31c38fab258e8096ac8964.png    26839ce27c68a175a6c4daed4358b897.png


8dc896abcb2aa6143d26bfa8f32f32ae.png     3912f478d9d0e2ec54b396bba99314ce.png


fdbd28423cad44f5c62be6ef43966f27.png    c9671bd82fb28850ee945fd2281e95aa.png


fd6efe5659ff99839218fca8e8fec559.png    4dba601a7a6ec1ee2abc2c1cb7231181.png


4f8232a8d1824b86e05e36d23c8ef369.png     9efc27340c6615d9b5f6b4a63fefe53e.png


a39c1715b4ea83461a62a33eadec15bd.png    3aaf403a30e34f88276bcd4b3bb2ec40.png


c065a234c3fa89a60fc81511dfc69621.png   5b4dffb4888273490fff0016b70e3f4f.png


77aadac936e52d4f614d7a31797e1017.png    000a78c0ae0ff4bccabb469af900bc38.png


f63877760450ad5b5bcdabf7abc27412.png   6d953f8220aa13bcd71dc9e6d32142df.png


c3d2a401f50da36de0d173ca71f523d1.png    4f093d53a3cbe42c37694761933c7a00.png




R.I.P. Harambe 😞 






How do you think the recent update to the tradeability of high-valued items will affect the DreamScape economy? Do you think it will be beneficial long-term?


Let us know below!


What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?


Offer up your answers below!



Founder - @Bench Press

Founder - @Squishy

News Team Adviser - @Feeds

Chief Editor & Manager  -  @Englishlog & @HC Canada

Reporter - @Werwg

Reporter - @W I N G Z

Reporter - @The dibber

Reporter - @Nsideoutcast

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