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The Collaboration Update! ::Prices, Sire, Treasure Hunter, The Thumper and more! [Patch 116 - 07th June 2019]

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What's up Dreamers!

Today's update was a collaboration effort between the development team and the platinum partners!

As some of you know we recently had a meet and greet in person with some of our platinum partners and were able to brainstorm some new ideas for development!

These ideas are now reality and you can see below some of the juicy stuff we have been working on!

Content we worked on together is shown with this icon:  wg6vAMQ.png 






One of the hardest thing to keep up with on Dreamscape is item prices!

We are aware that prices fluctuate significantly due to supply and demand.


Today we introduce a fully automated market tracker that displays real time prices based on recent buying and selling patterns!


Simply type ::prices in game and search the item you wish to see the price for!

It will display an average buy and sell value based on historic prices.


Please note, none of these prices are set manually and therefore it will take a few days for the price guide to have enough data to start giving prices. Furthermore, items that are not regularly traded may not have a price set.


There are also a number of safe guards built into the system to prevent price manipulation. We take price manipulation very seriously and will punish anyone found to be attempting to manipulate the price guide (See ::rules - scamming)


This new tool should help new players and old players alike and will hopefully be a tool that becomes more accurate over time as people buy and sell items. We are really excited by this new tool and hope to see it grow and help players for a long time!






Today we bring back the Abyssal Sire!

Now fully working and patched this boss packs a massive punch!



We listened to you!



This a more complex boss with multiple different combat stages!

You can only fight the abyssal sire if you are assigned it as a slayer task!





First, you will have to take out his respiratory system.






Then you must avoid his spawns and deadly Miasma Pools




Fnally you must avoid his Overpowered AOE attacks!

Should you successfully take out the Sire you will be rewarded greatly!


Not only does the sire always drop 1-5 Crystals that can be used to upgrade Dream armour (see below), but there are also 2 new cosmetic pets (see below) to obtain! 








One of the things the Platinum Partners were eager to have adjusted was melee!

In particular the gap between the dream melee set and the dream range/mage sets!


As part of our expansions to dream armors, we have also gone ahead and given the dream melee set an outright buff.






One of the areas we discussed at the Platinum Vacation was the ability to upgrade armour!

Today we launch a new system where dream armour can be upgraded into 4 tiers


Dream Armour - Original set + stats

Dream Armour (tier 1) - 1.5 x Original Stats (requires 250 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire)

Dream Armour (tier 2)- 2 x Original Stats (requires 500 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire)

Dream Armour (tier 3)- 2.5 x Original Stats (requires 750 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire)


Please note that these upgrades render the sets untradable

You can downgrade your armours at any time for 200m (restore it to it's original tradable status)

Crystals are cumulative - for tier 0 -> tier 3 you require 1500 crystals in total







Introducing Treasure Hunter!

A new way to collect boxes via PVM and open them by collecting loyalty gems for juicy rewards!


You will find that you are greeted by a new 'Treasure Hunter' button

Clicking this will allow you to see the boxes you have collected, collect your daily gems and open your boxes!




Boxes are dropped randomly while PVMing with all monsters dropping the boxes!

When you receive a box, it will not show on the ground or in your bank/inventory, but is rather saved in the treasure hunter interface.




Different tiers of boxes require different amounts of gems to unlock!

The higher the tier of box, the harder it is to get and the more crystals it takes to unlock but also the bigger the rewards!


You can claim daily gems to open the boxes or can purchase more from the donator store.


You can only hold 3 boxes at one time and must open them or save them for another time (there is no way to get rid of a box without opening it). This means you need two think carefully about which box to open first!


If you have 3 or more boxes already you will not receive any more until the first 3 are opened.

Furthermore, the only way to gain the treasure hunter boxes is through PVM as these cannot be directly donated for.





They said melee was underpowered...

We changed that!




The hottest, most devastating melee weapon in the game!




This weapon has the largest AOE of any weapon (5 x bigger then the BFG9000) and can absolutely decimate in multi combat areas!






Duo-extreme Arcade


Introducing the duo-arcade Extreme Mode!

This new expansion to the Arcade's various game modes allows teams of two players to complete the arcade on Extreme mode!


This should allow newer players to team up with an OG and take on the extra waves!


As well as giving you a chance to earn more tokens by completing the additional waves!

Please note: you do not recieve any final reward/cape when completing the arcade on Duo-mode






Introducing 2 new cosmetic pets to collect!


Lambo Pet

(dropped by Abyssal Sire)


Bugatti Pet

(dropped by Abyssal Sire)






We have reworked the way that the featured shops works at the Player Owned Shops!

We found that people very rarely used the featured shops due to the price of featuring your shop.

We have therefore repurposed it!


The top 10 slots on the pos are now automatically assigned to Platinum Partners and the #1 Donator

The first slot is reserved for #1 Donator (permanent) 

 The other slots are assigned based on last login time

e.g. The 9 slots are assigned to the 9 platinum partners who logged in most recently





We have adjusted the policy on Platinum Partner Elo.

Previously we would refund a Platinum Partners Elo should they lose it at no extra cost.

We have instead implemented a new system where Platinum Partners have their Elo Saved for 7 days before it disappears. 

This 7 day period should allow more lee-way and remove the need for manual refunds.






We asked what you would like to see added to the emperor ring!

You let us know you wanted to Morph into Ninja Turtles!


We made that happen!





We have updated the dice zone Ranks, due to economic changes.

You can now hold a lot more at each relative rank.

Please Note: Anyone who obtained their rank before this update will keep their rank at the new rate and can hold the new amount for no extra cost!

If you do not have a rank, you can buy your new ranks from the rank shop at ::dicezone 




The ranks went as follows:


FP0Kfjy Recruit 450K
RBQb79M Corporal 1M
DTVkAHX Sergeant 2.5M
Refp3TW Lieutenant 5M
JkdJ17R Captain 10m
CN5M1wJ General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot)



Now with the update:


FP0Kfjy Recruit 1.35m
RBQb79M Corporal 3m
DTVkAHX Sergeant 7.5m
Refp3TW Lieutenant 15m
JkdJ17R Captain 30M
CN5M1wJ General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot)


For more information on Dice CC ranks see this thread:






You can now combine all 3 capes from the Extreme arcade to make the tribrid Infernal Cape!





Rainbow Khione



Spidey's Sexy Boot's + Gloves




We have fixed a bug with arcade token multipliers for Platinum Partners and the Number 1 Donator

We have fixed the currency on the gambling leaderboard

We have disabled a bug that allowed you to re-instance at the end of ::BG

We have fixed a bug with Cerberus and the way in which he was 1hit

We have increased the price of the dynamic box in the Arcade Shop to follow recent change in eco prices for boxes

Cerberus Drops will now go into your inventory!

We have fixed the donation message for the box of wealth!

We have adjusted the emperors ring's static damage effect so it works more efficiently
We have adjusted the scroll of fire's effect when used with AOE weapons
We have adjusted the effect of the corp beast back to it's original defensive effect.


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Aside from the featured shops update (despite what this update thread claims they were used commonly and aided both buyers and sellers), these look like some fantastic updates! I'm a little weary about the ;;prices command, given the fact that the ability for players to box sets still hasn't been implemented, which means the price guide will be pretty useless for armor (on top of anything which is scarcely traded). BUT it should be a huge help for a large variety of other items in DS, and it is certainly a step in the right direction.


Great updates guys!

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Amazing update guys! 


I just had had a few questions, the thumper; what is it’s drop rate, double drop, luck, 1/5 X max hit, attack speed etc? A simple picture of the stats doesn’t help 😛 (THAT AOE IS AMAZING!)


Again with the dream armour tiers; I know the stats get changed to a maximum of 2.5, does this effect the drop rate and double drop rates?


keep up the great work! Good Job Platinum partners for giving us some juicy updates!

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