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Goalies achievements and goals.

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Goalies achievements thread:



- reach executive rank in game.✔


- Get an executive cape ✔ (got super lucky on dsgo).


- Obtain a BFG9000 set.  ✔$230 and 1.1b cash later.


- Complete extreme arcade. ✔


- Have a 2b + bank  ✔ 


- receive a corporeal beast drop.


- Obtain Thanos pet.


- Obtain all dream sets (only melee to go).


- Obtain the omega set.



So those are my current in game goals but at the same time my other goals include:


Enjoy playing, don't make it a job! 


Help others, you never know when you may need their help!


Try to improve the experience of those around me as it will only make my experience better! 


If you have any tips for me to achieve these goals please let me know! :) Il update this thread as and when I reach a goal or make a new one. 



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Thank you for sharing your goals with us @IAmGoalieHC! I really hope all of those objectives become ticked off really soon. You have my support with anything you may need, keep grinding, we believe in you ❤️ if you need help with duo arcade, hit me up anytime I will do my best to help. Currently got a twin bfg setup with dream range etc etc. 

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