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Dreamers Monthly - May 2019

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Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again.

In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers

The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more!

Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now!

NewsTeam Application Format


Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Cue @Englishlog


Did YOU achieve an awesome achievement this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Cue @Englishlog


DreamScape Social Media


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As we released recently a new Partnership called Platinum Donator!



We are really grateful for your enormous support to Dreamscape, we'll everything in our reach to give everything back!

Such as monthly platinum inventory filled of goodies! Not to forget to mention, you'll gain lots of perks and maybe more to come in the future! ;)

We have gained 4 new plats which are @hc spiderman, @Alpha01, @izuchi and @Hc ToLose, thank you for your enormous support! 


Do you wish to seek for more information about this Platinum Partnership? Click the diamond below;



We have 5 new 77HvcZx.png Trusted Host's within community. They have been promoted because their dedication, motivation to bring order and joy to the dicezone making it a better place, more entertaining and most importantly a safe place! Congratulations and welcome on board @Dice N Stake, @karim8, @C O G N A C, @izuchi and @Iron Treat


We have also had the privilege of seeing @Werwg get promoted from Player to SriVdUY.gif Helper then to fTkZF2h.gif In-Game Moderator! So far he has been an absolute asset to the team and we congratulate him on his promotion. We look forward to seeing him in his new role.


@Cue has been promoted to jliW8zW.gif In-Game Administrator from SriVdUY.gif Helper to khTY6Rb.gif Global Moderator. His constant work in-game on on the forums has proven to us he is capable of handling this role and and look forward to seeing what he can produce. He has also taken over @Bodhi as one of the News Team Managers along side @Englishlog.






Hoping to rise all the way to the top, welcome to HC MAXIMUM!





Next up, DreamScape's undisputed number 1 Singaporean chef, it's CJBEAR!




A big welcome back to HC REDBULL, father of cats and giver of wings!



Joining us from the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia, welcome to HC JINX!




Next up, a warm welcome to 1chef! Looks like we may have some competition brewing!




And lastly, coming in from Colorado, USA, a big welcome to the outdoorsman Flint Arrow!







1. How long have you been playing DreamScape?


Around 5 amazing years - first started in the beginning of the server in 2014 on my alt! Then later down the line, I created my main to be... Dreamz40! 


2. The new platinum zone has been out for a little over a week now, what are your thoughts on it and have you acquired any of the new juicy loot?


The first day it was out- it felt like Xmas came early!!! I was a kid in the candy shop eyeballing all the choices, reading everything on Drax's update forum thread, and wondering of all the juicy PVM gainz to be made. Yes, there were even many dreamz dreamt in the days that followed lol, #dsgang. Now if I could pick one thing I like the most... Though the spawn of npcs are a true blast to power through, I am absolutely hooked on killing the Platinum dragon for all the top Loots (::mydrops goals).  From this boss, I have already started a nice collection platinum spirit shields (x4 currently) and working on all the additional plat items (phat, icon, maul of omens, tenderiser needed now as drops). Overall, I send my thanks to Drax and team as this zone surpasses anything I have ever seen coded on a server. Amazing work fam! 


3. I know you are a bit of a gambling man! What is the biggest pot you have ever done? 


Hmmmmm, I think the bravest pot I have ever done was 4quint+ against a great in-game friend Idupps (half cash + half in many amazing items). Nowadays, I go in and out of retirement from good ole gambling lolz! I especially like those big 1 or 2 gps bets, teehee!


4. What is your favourite custom in-game and why?


 I C Y  T O R V A ...got ahead of myself there, let me re-read that question again LOL! By far, my favorite non-custom fashionscape item is the BFG, a strong OP range weapon, that looks fresh and smacks the ever living out of every npc in sight! Best weapon brought in game by far, and what most aspire to obtain late game!


5. What's one thing you would like to see added to DreamScape?


 ::zombies --- it is a terrific place to chill, but it once was to be a mini-game... or something much more! To be honest, it would be absolutely LIT if they could re-explore it into a Nazi Zombies wave mini-game (see how high you can go with multiple npcs at you)!

6.  Any parting words for the DSGANG!


#DSGANG--- Cherish those whom mean the most to you, and always embrace every opportunity in life! Be Positive, good moral character, and proactive mindset can take you endless places. Much love and respect!  Stay amazing everyone!



1. How long have you been playing DreamScape?


3-4 Years now.


2. What first brought you to Dreamscape?


Honestly stumbled upon a Sohan video back in 2015, been here ever since


3. If you could remodel one area of Dreamscape, what would it be and why?


Personally I would remodel ::Ownercape, to me it just seems a bit outdated.


4. What is your favourite custom in-game and why?


I think the Lava textured Santa hat is my favourite, just because it's badass that's why.


5. What are your main hobbies in Dreamscape? In real life?


In Dreamscape I kill a lot of chaos elemental for no reason. IRL I work overnights so I don’t really get out much.


6.  Any parting words for the DSGANG!


Stay sexy!


1.       Name and where are you from?


My name is Kaiser, but I usually go by Kai, and I'm originally from Colorado, but recently moved to Oklahoma.


2.       How long have you been playing DreamScape?


I probably started playing Dreamscape around 2016-2017, and quit shortly after due, to other things going in life.


3.       What first brought you to DreamScape?


Honestly, I was brought to Dreamscape through RSPS videos on YouTube, I was just browsing as, I've played many other RSPS's and saw a video about this server and decided to give my first custom server a try, and it's been a grand time since playing Dreamscape.


4.       What keeps bringing you back to DreamScape?


The community in short. It's an awesome atmosphere as I mainly spend my time around Dice zone or Battlegrounds, just the people in general are all friendly and pretty awesome. The staff team are also very friendly and do the best that they can in order to support our community with various events and giveaways every once in a while. So, all in all I think that I'm always lured back by the community, because everyone is really laid back about everything.


5.       I know you’re a gambling man, so what’s the biggest pot you’ve ever won?


Ha-ha, yeah I do gamble every now and then, the biggest pot I have done and won was probably a 4 Quint pot. I won some juicy lootations.


6.       What was the most important piece of advice you were given when you started playing Dreamscape?


Hmm... honestly when I first started playing Dreamscape I really didn't lean on anyone for guidance, as I came on and just played the game to enjoy it all in it's own self. But, if I was someone trying to help somebody else who started the server the one piece of advice I'd give to them is just, Have fun.


7.       If you could remodel one area of DreamScape, what would it be? Why?


If I could pick a place to remodel within Dreamscape I think it would have to be, possibly Dice Zone, because of the fact that much of the area isn't used; the west side or the south side. Mainly its the centre and east side that just involve Flower poker and Dicing, however I'm not against it being the way it is, it's just that if I did have to pick a place to remodel it would be that area.


8.       What’s your biggest pet peeve in real life? In DreamScape?


My biggest pet peeve in real life would be not cleaning after yourself, and in dreamscape I'm not really sure I've had no issues really, maybe I guess if someone isn't listening, after telling them that what they're doing could cause an issue for the staff team.


9.       What’s your favourite non-custom fashionscape item in DreamScape?


I guess if we are talking about non-custom items in general I would have to say the 3rd Age Melee set is hands down the cleanest looking set in OSRS in my honest opinion.


10.       Any parting words for the #DSGANG


Keep on having fun and let’s keep on growing as a community! #DSGANG!!!




Well done to @Phetish on achieving 2k Crystal Keys and thank you for showing us the loot obtained!




Mr @808raptor managed to finish arcade over 1k times leaving many many Infernal Capes.



Hard work and dedication has payed off for @Oola. They have managed to obtain a Glaive through daily merching. Well done!








Beer, Wine or Spirits? Beer, Quantity over Quality

Raid or Arcade? Arcade, because of new release of Avengers

Ketchup or Mayo? Mayo, ketchup stinks, I don't like the smell of it

Home cook or Fast food? Home cook, favourite dish is Steak, Peas and Fat Chips

Summer or Winter? Summer, better time to get together with your friends and socialise

Logitech or Razor? Razor, because of got Razor everything... except Logitech speakers

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, Caffeine addict... Big Time

Cash or Card? Card, cause I'm not a drug dealer

Cafe or Restaurant? Restaurant, just prefer the more relaxed vibes. Cafes are filled with builders

Dreamscape or Osrs? Dreamscape, Osrs was 2007

Shoutouts: Shoutout to Cue ❤️




Beer, Wine or Spirits? Beer, Not a fan of wine and not a fan of spirits

Raid or Arcade? Arcade, arcade more fun, decent money around 8m an hour

Ketchup or Mayo? Mayo, mayo is a pretty solid condiment, goes with everything

Homecook or Fastfood? Homecook, Culenary art school for 8 months

Summer or Winter? Summer, live in Calfornia, people forget how drive in the rain

Logitech or Razor? Logitech, mouse is logitechG502, recommended to all

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, I love coffee, was a barista for a year and a half

Cash or Card? Card, never have cash on me, couldn't tell you why

Cafe or Restaurant? Restaurant, nice 3 course meal.. although cafe would be good in a different situation

Osrs or Rs3? Osrs, much better content, much more suited for myself

Shoutouts? Shoutout to my mum cause she brought me into this world ❤️




Beer, Wine or Spirits? Beer, I don't drink but the few times I have it's been beer

Raids or Arcade? Arcade, It's more relaxed

Ketchup or Mayo? Ketchup, I couldn't choose both

Homecook or Fastfood? Homecook, Healthier

Summer or Winter? Winter, Cause I live in florida and it's too hot

Logitech or Razor? Logitech, I got more Logitech Gear

Coffee or Tea? Tea, coffee is a heavier drink

Cash or Card? Cash, Stops me from spending to much

Cafe or Restaurant? Restaurant, nicer vibe than a cafe

Osrs or Rs3? Dreamscape

Shoutouts: Shoutout to Karim getting demoted from new Exec rank and Rigged Englog












How can we, as a community, bring more enjoyment and involvement to our forums?




I reward my enemies most handsomely and leave only scraps for the rest; I wear my pride on the outside. What am I?



Founder - @Bench Press

Founder - @Squishy

News Team Adviser - @Feeds

Chief Editor & Manager  -  @Englishlog

Chief Editor & Manager  - @Cue

Reporter - @HC Canada

Reporter - @Werwg

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