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Beginner Guide. "Drops"

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Hello Looks Like We Meet Again!
Ok So.
In the last post I told you guys how to start off the game. Sorry that I forgot to include pictures for you but this post right here will tell you about the place to go to and the drops.
To Start Of Lets Go To ::train1772761819_Annotation2019-05-24144636.jpg.991c34d5f652abbacec92640bd1560c3.jpg

This here is the ::train place here you can train your self.

In my opinion you should train range because its the fastest thing to do.
You see that Pikachu, We are gonna kill it and see what it drops. But its gonna take you 1 minute to kill it. Remember it doesn't damage you.. :)

Pikachu Drops:
As you can see here the Pikachu drops Crystal key. but not always sometimes it drops Coins.
you see at the bottom right I have my Attack style on "Rapid" Why Is That?
Because the Dual barretas can shoot 4 shots in like 2 seconds. So does every other range "GUN" "no bow no crossbow"
Now we see that Pikachu drop 1 crystal key and some Coins.

Now off to.
 Luigi NPC:873575627_Annotation2019-05-24145821.jpg.442ad960320a356780f0bbb43c4390b8.jpg

Lets see the items that Luigi will drop for killing it

Luigi Drops:1126335516_Annotation2019-05-24150116.jpg.f3f1b0bb1b84900011f5cfc134802a33.jpg

You can see that Luigi is useless to kill!! Drops some coins and bunch of other useless things.

Im gonna add one more NPC cuz its so long yet I want you to understand it.

There's also Charmander in here1383883084_Annotation2019-05-24150933.jpg.17266e2fc496f9a6f047d58b34d1e4b6.jpg

Lets see what this bad boy drop

Charmander Drops:1369006250_Annotation2019-05-24151203.jpg.e143ad1ec74f904931569ec8c599bc74.jpg
Charmander does drop Crystal Keys.

Last thing is you will have to open the Crystal Keys at the Crystal Chest located at ::home

Place Of The Crystal Chest:

There it is, Now Go Use Them Crystal Keys. You Can Get Upgraded Soo Much Getting Royal Sicle, Royal Sicle (U), And Ice Katana, Its the best thing to get




I ALMOST FORGOT!!. For killing those NPC's you will indeed get Infinity Key and Xebos' Invitation "ITS A BOSS DONT KILL IT YET!!! KEEP IT OR SELL IT ITS WORTH!!!" Its hard for you yet
but for killing it, The boss will 100% give you an Event Box. Up to 450-600T "450k-600k DScoin"

But to open your Infinity key you go to ::soulroom and click the Infinity Chest

Infinity Chest::49627944_Annotation2019-05-24152605.jpg.1827416210f385934b3140d8c6097416.jpg

You have the key in your inventory just click that chest that's underlined with red. If you know Call Of Duty III Then this chest is kind of like it, Spins till it stops then you take the item it stopped on.

Sadly I don't have a key on me and im that busy so sorry I cant show you an example for the Soul chest

Well we are done here hope this was useful for you guys, And I hope to hear from you, Feel free to Reply to this post, and another post will be posted today!!!.
CY@ ❤️ #DSGANG!!!

Annotation 2019-05-24 152605.jpg

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The event box is worth 450-600k dscoin don't hesitate the boss wont give you 450-600k dscoin but for selling the box for the price it will give you. This is gonna be our next topic. POS Selling/Buying.

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Now this is an up to standard guide! So much improvement compared to the last one! 

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to see more from you! 

Very informative, very descriptive! 



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