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DS COINS! AVENGERS END GAME! BG Tweaks and more! [patch #113 21/05/19]

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What's up Dreamers!

Today's update focuses on some MAJOR content! Revamps! Bug fixes, quality of life and of course a healthy handful of custom items!








Today we bring you one of the most instrumental changes to Dreamscape’s economy since release!
For a long while we have been trying to make our economy conform to the restraints of an osrs economy.

This has had a number of difficulties and we have decided that as a custom server, an osrs style economy is no longer compatible.
As such we have launched a new currency!

We are after all a custom server and we believe our players deserve a custom economy.

DScoins will replace osrs coins and the more commonly used bil tickets.
This will do away with the difficulty of high denomination language, max cash stacks and bugs due to high amounts of currency being lost due to cash limits.

The changes have been done putting maintaining value and ensuring that nobody loses value through these economic changes, similar to how OSRS launched ‘Platinum Tokens’ to deal with a similar issue regarding integer limits and max cash.
Your bank value before and after the update is exactly the same.


We have removed bil tickets and replaced coins, 100m checks and the like entirely.
Instead the go to denomination in dreamscape is 1 DS Coin (rather then 1b ticket).
You will noticed that when you login your bil tickets have been replaced with DScoins.
This will now be the standard currency on Dreamscape.
1b is now 1 coin.

The value of items will remain unchanged and the economy as always will remain a lasez faire model, instructed by supply and demand.
However the language used and the denomination of currency will change.


If we take for example the Golden Minigun.
This item at the time of writing fluctuates between 8 and 10 Quadrillion (8,000,000 - 10,000,000 bil tickets or 8,000,000,000,000,000 - 10,000,000,000,000,000 coins)
It is plain to see how having bil tickets as a primary currency has it’s difficulties and we felt that this complicated maths as well as extremely high denominations was no longer necessary..
Under this new system where bil tickets are replaced with ds coins, a Golden minigun is worth:
8-10m or 8,000,000 - 10,000,000 DS Coins




To this regard:
1B is now simply: 1 DS Coin
1T  is now simply: 1000 DS Coins or 1k
1Q  is now simply: 1,000,000 DS Coins or 1M
1QU  is now simply: 1,000,000,000 or 1B




To make currency conversions, trades and gambles simpler to facilitate as well as more user friendly, we have also introduced a number of different coins.

(Similar to an IRL Economy e.g. Cents, Dimes, Quarters, Dollars)





1 DS Coin - Bronze Coloured Coins = 1 DS Coin


1 DS Coin (Silver) - Silver Coloured Coins = 1,000 DS Coins or 1K Ds Coin (previously known as 1T or 1 Trillion)


1 DS Coin (Gold) - Golden Coloured Coins = 1,000,000 DS Coins or 1m DS Coins (previously known as 1Q or 1 Quadrillion)


1 DS Coin (Platinum) - Platinum Coloured Coins = 1,000,000,000 DS Coins or 1B Ds Coins (Previously known as 1QU or 1 Quintillion)



In order to ensure smooth and easy to understand implementation and adaption we ask that players kindly refer to currency using it’s new denominations
1-999 Coins - Referred to as: Coins - 1-999 DS Coins
1,000-999,000 Coins - Referred to as K - 1k-999k DS Coins
1,000,000 - 999,999,999 - Referred to as M - 1M - 999m DS Coins
1,000,000,000 - Referred to as B - 1B-999b+

Selling Soulflare 300k
Buying Devious Set 30m
Dice Dueling 100m+
Selling 50$ donation 50m+


In order to ensure that the new currency works smoothly with every aspect of the game we have made some additional changes:
Shops at home have had their prices changed.
The minimum price of an item from a shop is now 1 Coin.
Achievement rewards, starter packs, box rewards, level up rewards, mini game rewards, clue scrolls will now all give DS Coins Rather then Bil Tickets

The Well of Fortune now requires 25m (25,000,000 coins) to activate rather then 25,000,000,000,000,000 coins (25Q or 25 Quadrillion)

Gamble games are now automated to function with the new currency.
AFK Island now gives the equivalent DS Coin conversion per hour.

We have updated thieving you will now receive DS coins from thieving stalls at a rate of:


 Crafting Stall - 1 Ds coin - takes 10 seconds to thieve
 Food Stall - 1 ds coin - takes 5 seconds to thieve
General Stall 1 ds coin - takes 2 seconds to thieve
Magic Stall 1 ds coin - takes 1 seconds to thieve
Scimitar Stall - 2 ds coin - takes 1 seconds to thieve


As this is a major change, there may well remain some outdated language
(B, T, Q or Bil, Tril, Quad)
We ask you report any instances of this being around at:
If you are he first person to report a Typo you will receive a reward!
We also want to remind you of Dreamscape’s Bug Bounty!
Anyone who finds a way to duplicate currency or a serious bug (Read: Serious) may be eligible for a bug bounty which can, depending on the severity of the bug include an IRL financial reward.
Should you find a bug that fits the aforementioned description please report it to a member of staff for full Amnesty and rewards!

Our rules are quite clear on bug abuse and we ask you to be aware that you will always amass more riches by reporting a bug and being handsomely rewarded then trying to bug abuse your way to unfair in game advantages.






We have taken your suggestions and totally revamped the avengers mini game!

The old mini game was clunky, unnecessarily complicated and the team requirements made it unpopular.


Avengers now functions as an extension of the Arcade!

Bosses now come in waves 1 by 1 and the raid is now a solo raid.


Wave 1 - Black Panther

Wave 2 - Drax the Destroyer Vision

Wave 3 - Vision

Wave 4 -Dr. Strange

Wave 5 - Ant Man (with nerfed self-heal)

Wave 6 - Captain America

Wave 7 - Iron Man

Wave 8 - Spider Man

Wave 9 - Hulk

Wave 10 - Ultron/Thanos (Final Boss) 




Players are rewarded arcades tokens rather then avengers points

Wave 1 - 20 tokens

Wave 2 - 40 tokens

Wave 3 - 60 tokens

Wave 4 - 80 tokens

Wave 5 - 100 tokens

Wave 6 - 125 tokens

Wave 7 - 150 tokens

Wave 8 - 250 tokens

Wave 9 - 350 tokens

Wave 10 - 500 tokens


We have removed the Avengers shop at home and added the rewards that were in that shop to the arcade shop!




Batman Mask -  25,000 arcade tokens

Thor's hammer (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens

Captain America Shield (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman mask - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman Body - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman Legs -  25,000 arcade tokens

Captain American Mask -  25,000 arcade tokens

Captain American Body - 25,000 arcade tokens

Captain America Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens


New Rewards:

You can now get the Spiderman Noir Set, a beautiful black and white cosmetic set!

Spiderman Noir Helm - 25,000 Arcade Tokens

Spiderman Noir Body - 25,000 Arcade Tokens

Spiderman Noir Legs - 25,000 Arcade Tokens



Extra Rewards

As well as receiving Arcade tokens for each wave that you complete (see above for reward breakdown)

If you successfully complete the Avengers Arcade (complete wave 10) you have a chance of a rare drop

If you don't get the drop your drop rate increases (using a new dynamic drop rate system we are beginning to implement




Rare Drops

Infinity Gauntlet

Soul Stone

Time Stone

Space Stone 

Mind Stone 

Reality Stone

Power Stone


If you are powerful enough to collect all 6 infinity stones you can bind them to the Infinity Gauntlet to create a new Best in Slot Mage weapon with DPS that rivals the BFG9000


The infinity gauntlet also has:
9x9 aoe - same as BFG9000
1 in x chance of 2.5 x max hit
2 x hit speed - same as BFG9000


Thanos Pet

This super OP Pet has the same stats and effects the helicopter pet with the additional bonus of having:

1 in 5 chance of doing 2.5 x max hit

This effect stacks with other 2.5x max hit boosters.




Thanos Pinata

In order to celebrate the revamp of the avengers mini game we have added a thanks Piñata in game!

These will be randomly dropped by administrators throughout the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!









We have continued to tweak the end of battlegrounds in line with our commitment to keep this mini-game the hottest PvP mini game around!


The final battle is now single combat meaning that it is 1 v 1 fights in the end.


We have also removed protections prayers meaning that fights with no longer be painfully long and increase the risk of death while in BG!






In order to celebrate the introduction of the NEW currency - DS Coins - we have fully revamped the Quadron Box!



The Quadron box, now nearly 2 and a half years old has become unrewarding and does not fit with our current economy!
We have majorly buffed it!




Previous rewards from the Quadron Box were:
1,500-2,000,000 Coins

The new and improved box gives:
25,000 - 25,000,000 Coins!



Common Rewards 

50k - 150k



150k - 250k



250k - 1m


Ultra Rare




10m - 25M



Due to the changes in Dreamscape's Currency, we no longer feel that the name 'Quadron Box' is appropriate.

We want you to chose the boxes' new name!


CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite!




Reward from new avengers mini game



Spidey's Sexy Cape

Custom Donation





Noir Spiderman Suit

New Reward from Avengers Raid





- We have fixed a bug that made upgrading items turn into nulls

- We have fixed the platinum cape to function like the executive cape (Right Click -> Operate)

- We removed the ticket dealer from the home shop

- We have fixed a bug in he bank that prevented you moving items

- We have fixed a bug that prevented you from dropping pets

- We have made a small change to the beginner ring that made double drop rate stack meaning players could get 6x cash drops

- We have fixed a bug that prevented iron men and comp accounts from picking up drops

- We fixed a bug that made Revenant Ether appear as Chucks Head




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13 hours ago, 808raptor said:

I wonder who will be the first to get the thanos pet and collect all the infinity stones first.


We all knows that's going to be you raptor, get back on that grind, we want to see our game chats getting spammed with '808raptor has completed the avengers arcade' 😂

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On 5/22/2019 at 4:38 PM, Cjbear said:

Btw the pet is a drop or you can purchase from the shop? Just a question.. it wasn’t stated

I have to agree with CJ here 😮 I for one would love to know how to obtain 😄


Amazing update! So in love with the new DScoin tiers!!

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