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Blue Fang

Fixing Your Client Guide (Windows)

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Give your pc a good old restart, Dont ask me how or why it helped some people with their client on discord.

If it didn't fix anything. Go further with the thread.


Many people don't know how to make their client work again after a big update due to the issue of having a wrong cache that the client
can't get data from.

If you don't want know how your client and cache communicates skip this section and go to the next section.

Section 1 - Client and Cache.

A little explanation of what happens between the Client and Cache. You can think of the Client as your game and the cache a library full of items,
your game (Client) has to access those items to place them in your game.
If the items get a different name or if it's located somewhere else due to your library being old
the game won't open because it can't read the items so it will give you an error. What also can happen is that it will open but just won't show
the items so your game will be glitching.

A diagram example of what happens:


Of course alot more happens in the background but you don't need to stress your head only if you're a developer that is :) 


Section 2 - Checking if you have Java installed and if its the right version.

I want you to open CMD for me, you can open CMD by doing WINDOWS KEY + S then searching CMD. This works for any language your pc is in. (Mine is in Dutch)


Now your CMD should have opened like this:


Then I want you to type in: Java -version like the picture below.


I want you to look at Java Version "1.8.0_191"  If your Java is below that you want to update your java. Here's a link to update your Java: 

Section 3 - Removing your old cache.

As I explained why you get an error you should know that it is due to having an old cache. This happens when a big update is being released and such.

So first, open your
(C:) drive you can achieve this by doing WINDOWS KEY + S then searching This pc. (Mine is Dutch, So you'd have to translate it to your own language.)


Next I want you to open your (C:) drive:


Once you have opened your (C:) drive search for a folder named: Users
It might differ from pc to pc due to the language of your pc.
Once you have opened the folder it should look something like this:


Next open the User folder your pc is on. When you have opened your User folder
search for the folder named: ".ds_cache"


Once you have found this folder. Delete it, it is and old version of the dreamscape cache since there has been a big update or such. I also
recommend you to
delete all files related to Dreamscape this can be: Setup Installs, Desktop Shortcuts etc. Once you have deleted all files related
to dreamscape
empty your Recycle Bin.

Once you have deleted everything and emptied your recycling bin. You can

Install A Clean Dreamscape Client At: https://dreamscape317.net/play/

If one of the installs doesn't work, try the other ones. If it still doesn't work Go To The Next Section 

Section 4 - Installing Jarfix.

So it didn't work eehh?

Alright, the last step you can try is installing Jarfix. This fixes your Java libraries and such. After you have installed Jarfix
try the .JAR install.

You can install jarfix at the thread:  

If you still can't get your client fixed.

Contact me on Discord, Tobu - Blue Fang#0175
Please also install Teamviewer so i can help you better, Will save us both alot of time.


Yours Sincerely,

One and Only Bunny, Blue Fang

I hope alot of people will get their client fixed by this thread. If it helped you get fixed please pass this thread to the ones you see need help with their client.

To the ones that didn't get their client fixed. You are more then welcome to contact me and i'll try my best to get to you ASAP.


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