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I did a thing, my whole arm hurts

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I believe I'm the first Competitive/Iron Man and 2nd account in total to get comp cape after the new requirements. It feels amazing and I'm still amazed I did it, thank you to everyone who supported me! 😄


Edit: Took me roughly 13 days and 14 hours of in game time, that's also with many many hours of me afking so I have no idea how accurate it is XD.

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2 hours ago, Saur0n said:

Congrats!  Such an awesome achievement!  What was your least favorite achievement to get done? 





Great question and I would probably have to say, Prestige Pioneer as it easily took the longest and it's one of the worst due to having to do a lot of repetitive skilling over and over. But on the plus side it did help me map out pretty much what was needed per skill and helped me learn how to prestige quite quickly, so there's that XD.

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