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News Team [Benefits]

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In this thread I'll be explaining what the benefits are and any extra information about the news team.




-Monthly salary based on your efforts

*Communication Discord, Forums, In-Game

*Your own sections being finished on time

*Your ideas/input in the monthly

*Being actively posting loot pictures(This is what we all do)


If met all requirements, we'll be personally give you a small extra bonus!


-Monthly event hosted for only News Team Members!

*This would be based on Random Generator which everyone has equal chances.

*Each month will be theme related such prizes as in Melee gear, cosmetic and go on.


-Able to work with the News Team, and one step closer to the community.

*You'll be interacting with the players for interviews, this or that (maybe more sections to come in the future).



-Able to practice your forum skills or even assigned a forum mentor to guide you.

*If you are more interested into learning forums such how to create a;

Header, usage of right colors, images, anything forums related.

We personally offer you a practice board/materials, also we'll try to guide you good as possible!




Do always keep this in your mind;

You'll be picked by the Community and the Managers.

As Community you'll be looked mostly at your forums activity, also your interaction with the Community.

By the Manager(s) you'll be looked at your forum skills or motivation, generally activity as In-Game also Forums, Discord.


We have several positions in the News Team which are;

*Chief Editor




As Chief Editor, Editor you'll be in charge of threads are 100% complete, attractive.

Managers will be assisting the Editor's team at last point right before the deadline.

You'll be also putting every Reporter's parts together as in one thread.

This position is mostly aimed for people with forum permission such as Forum Moderator.


As Reporter, you will be more involved in the Community.

You'll go on search for players to interview, ask some questions, possibly host events on the Monthly self!

And write your own parts with the task has been given to you by the Manager.




Current managers are:




For more information, click the picture below;













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