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Profile picture not showing?

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it doesn't load images i've put it in About me field


but still not showing up.. also i am at max limit.. can't even remove them?

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Hey InSane, 


Check on following;

-Is the size of the file above 0,49 MB ? If it is, then you'll have to use another photo with less size than 0,49 MB


Have you tried this;






Here more slowly and detailed;


Step 1: Go to your profile


Step 2: Click on the red circle;



Step 3: You'll get a screen like this; Select the Choose single file, and choose your picture.



Step 4: After selecting your picture, you should have screen like this;



Step 5: You'll get now the last screen; 



Step 6: Adjust as your style, then click on save :) That should work!

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