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Competitive Season 2 - GUIDE

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We listened to you!



Today we introduce Dreamscape Competitive Mode Season Two!


March 15th 2019 - April 15th 2019


Compete against other players in this month long competitive season!


Start by creating a new account and selecting 'Competitive Mode'




Competitive accounts have similar restrictions to ironmen, with no ability to trade, gamble or used the player owned shops!




You will be on your own as you try to get to the top of several leaderboards!

The majority of these leaderboards can be found at ::train





At the end of the month the person with the highest in each category wins!

The same person can win in multiple categories!


At the end of Competitive Season Two all competitive mode accounts will be reset to ironmen accounts and you will be able to retain your progress and items!


The Categories are as follows:


Skill level
This will draw from the players total level in game, the person with the highest at the end of the month will win.The leaderboard at train displays the top 10 players with competitive game mode who have the highest total levels.



Gems Collected
Players with competitive mode accounts will be able to collect 'Competitive Gems'. The leaderboard at ::train displays the top 10 competitive mode accounts with the most gems collected

NPC kill counter

This will be pulled directly off ::npckills. The leaderboard at ::Train should show the top 10 players with comp mode accounts with the most npc kills


This will be awarded to either the person who is first to comp or if nobody comps the person with the most achievements at the end of the season 


Overall winner
This will be the person who staff believe have risen to the challenge of Competitive Mode the most and have made the biggest impact in the competitive season 2!


Side Events:


Npc Drops
Throughout the season we will be running Competitive Drop Events. These will require you to get a certain drop to win an award! e.g. Next person to get an Oblivion Scythe drop from Oblivion Dragon wins! You can check the current drop event by typing ::whatdrop on any competitive mode account! These competive mode drop events will win an instant 50$ 100$ or 250$ store credit scroll which can be redeemed with any admin for store items or customs!



We have updated the achievements for comp mode accounts!

You will now receive

Easy - 1 x Super mystery box

Medium - 1 x Dream Mystery Box

Hard - 1 x Event Box

Elite - 1 x 2k19 box




For each category, the winner at the end of the month will receive

1000$ store credit, for use on items from the store or custom items.

This credit is non-transferable and can be redeemed on your competitive account or any other account registered by yourself.




For each winner of each category they will receive a 150$ Amazon Gift Cards per category of an amount to be confirmed!




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