FashionScape Event | March/April - 2K19

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Dear Dreamscape Community

As always we are hosting up a Fashionscape Event for the month of March/April, As the name self-explained most of the part, yet we would like to see some amazing outfits you guys put together.

Please read all rules and follow them!



#1) There are no restrictions, you can wear anything you want! custom or non-custom.

#2) You must comment your entry below in the comments (Meaning no pm's)

#3) You can only have 1 entry fashion outfit, you can however post multiple photos of the same set.

#4) Look your absolute best!! If you try to enter wearing nothing you're disqualified.

 An outfit in one comment to show it off better.




We really wanted to make sure all of our Community gets a chance of Higher Tier Rewards, That's why we are Sponsoring the BIGGEST rewards which DS Forums has never seen before, without further wait, Here are the REWARDS;-


1st- Icy Glaive



2nd- Ak-47 Asiimov



3rd- Avery's Ring I




And finally, The 'Special Prize' which Unlocks after [100 entries]


Helicopter Pet



P.s. This event ends at 10/04/2019, Hurry Up!


Good luck everyone!



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3 minutes ago, First Iron said:

Hello! Here is my outfit; Zoro: Master Swordsman.






This outfit was carefully thought out to try and best depict Zoro himself as shown in the picture.


Good luck everyone!


 - First Iron

@Feeds you gotta check this out, kinda smartest so far haha. Holy, glad I could help you Iron :) It did really came out good! Very original tbh

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I am Blue Fang the one and only DMT BUNNY on DreamScape

This unique idea has been a long journey. I had to fight as a DMT BUNNY to go through a maze to meet my best friend.
Not many have seen him only the staff maybe have, Here he is!


The long journey of the one and only DMT BUNNY has come to an end.

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Classic Agile set up.


a9tfHyz.png                    VZitmgF.png


ytnB71k.png                znyvFto.png



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