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What's up dreamers!

Today we hit you with a brand new update!

Featuring a tonne of new quality of life improvements and a massive overhaul of bugs!





As some of you are aware this last month we have been committed to updating Dreamscape's favorite mini game and addressing its pitfalls as well as patching a number of bugs! This culminated in a new event hosted by the Bug-Gang aiming to find all the bugs in battlegrounds with over 30 players involved and over 100 bugs reported!


Battlegrounds Chest

One of the issues that players were most excited to change were the battlegrounds rewards which had become a little bit out of date!




We decided to add a new reward system... The Battlegrounds Chest Key!

The battlegrounds chest Key can be claimed from the battlegrounds reward shop for:

1 Survival Point and 20 Slaughter Points




To use the Key, simply use the key on the battlegrounds reward chest to get a random reward!

This chest outputs rewards in a similar fashion to the Event Box, giving donation boxes and other rewards!




The battlegrounds chest has some insane rewards!


All Standard Donation Boxes

Oblivion Scythe


Golden Minigun

Crystal Pieces

Avery Ring

All Historic Battlegrounds rewards (e.g. Kril'sarmour, Thor's hammer)



We have also made a HUGE Number of bug fixes!

The full list of bugs patched can be found in the Patch notes at the bottom of this thread!







We have done away with our old cluttered quest tab in favour of a sleeker more slim lined quest tab that is jam-packed with functionality!




This has a bunch new buttons that will display your:


Boss Logs

Daily Loyalty Rewards

Gear Viewer

Points - See below

Players List


My Deals - Fully customised daily deals for you!




The new points interface is a follow on from the update to the quest tab which allows you to more easily see which points you have collected around dreamscape!




To use the points interface simply click the icon in the quest tab!





As part of our visual clean up we have gotten rid of the old and clunky ::mydrops in favour of a new highly functional interface that shows you which drops you have collected from bosses around Dreamscape!




With an awesome new ‘completion’ tracker that shows your progress on drops all over Dreamscape you now have a new goal to aim for!




Please note: The Drop log will only display drops from this day onwards and does not backdate.





We have added the option to pump up the way that Dreamscape looks and the graphical appearance around the map!


Simply click the HD Textures in the options -> more options tab to toggle these on and off!





This change will allow us a lot more flexibility in future to add more advanced textured options to both the map and custom items alike.



HD Textures                                                               Normal Textures





HD Textures                                                               Normal Textures






HD Textures                                                               Normal Textures









We have added a new interface that will allow you to more asily change the way your yells look!




The yell interface which is accessed by clicking the messages button in the options tab gives you options to change your yell tag, your yell colour and yell shade with ease!




With full colour wheel support and endless possibilities for colour combinations it has never been easier to make your yells stand out!





We have added some brand new perks for the Platinum Partners!





Platinum Partners will now generate ELO twice as quickly!




Slayer Points

Platinum Partners will now generate twice as many slayer points on completion of their slayer tasks!





Platinum Partners will now generate three times as many arcade tokens after completing the arcade!




Grand lottery Points

Platinum Partners will now gain twice as many Grand lottery points while donating!




Static Bonuses

Platinum Partners now have the following static bonuses:

15% Drop Rate

15% Double Drop Rate

15% Luck




We are also releasing the new Platinum Sets!


There are 3 new sets

Platinum Partners can chose 1 of these 3 for free and the other 2 can be earned

(details of how they are obtained released at a later date)


Platinum Melee Set




Platinum Magic Set




Platinum Range Set







Here at Dreamscape HQ we have been developing a new web game that will allow you to earn rewards in game!


This hugely exciting new box based game allows you to spend keys opening boxes and earning rewards!







With 14 boxes to chose from all requiring different amounts of keys and rewards that boast extreme perks and value, including 1 in game items, end game gear, cash, and insanely op weapons...

This update is not to be missed!








This game will be pre-released to Platinum Partners and Executive Members early next week with a general release a few days after that!




You can checkout a preview of the site here:






Tolose’s Warhammer

Custom Donation




The Expunger and The Devastator

Custom Donation



The Murderous Minion of Steelsponge

Custom Donation


Gucci Toilet

Custom Donation


Big Oof’s Big Oof and Big Oof's big Yikes

Custom Donations




Custom Donation



Icy Glaive Off HJ

Custom Donation



Zamp’s BFG9000 offhand

Custom Donation


Custom Donation






We have fixed a bug that prevented Platinum Partners from being able to enter the Flower Zone at ::dicezone

We have fixed a bug that prevented platinum partners from being able to use the ::dab command

We have fixed a bug that allowed you to swap prayerbooks while in ::bg

We have fixed a bug that prevented you using the stairs while in BG

We have disabled blessings and custom prayers while in ::BG

We have added a hidden 30% range bonus to the dream range set (the same effect as devious) to make this set more aligned with it's price point

We have added a warning message to the upgrade chest

We have update the tutorial so that it no longer shows outdated content and also fixed a bug that prevented you completing the tutorial

We've updated the floor at home to make it more fitting with UI and the home building walls

We've removed access to the King Elf (Christmas event)

We've made it so you can Copy and Paste (Ctrl + v) directly into private messages

We've made it so that the Inferno Spirit Shield announces when dropped by Corp

We have decreased the time between Vorago's Respawns making him quicker to kill!

We have made it so that you can answer trivia questions in the arcade

We have fixed recolourable items when using resizable mode!

We have fixed the bug with having to relog if you have a pet out during ‘no-pet’ activities

We have fixed a number of items that equip in the wrong slot

We have fixed the ::yell commands while in the arcade

We have fixed a bug that made you teleport into an inaccessible part of raiden when using the ::joinraid5 command

We have fixed a graphical bug with Dream Santa

We have fixed a graphical bug with Graceful outfit

We have fixed a bug with Crafting that didn’t allow you to cut gems when you had a full inventory

We have added an exit to the Wilderness agility course

We have fixed a bug with Voldemort in the executive Raids

We have fixed a bug occurring with antman in the avengers raid

We have added z-buffering to robes of sorrow and strykewyrm sets to prevent cape clipping

We have given the infernal range cape the same bonus as the other infernal capes



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Great update!


The info interface is sexy as hell. The yell editor doesn't work in resizeable currently, but I'm sure that'll be fixed in due  time and is easy to work around.

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Another sexy update staff- keep up the amazing work!!! Especially like that Icy Glaive Off-hand Job ;) (I wonder whom donated for that custom-teeeheee). Stay Fresh, and classy bois!!


Warmest Appreciation,


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Mixed feelings on this update. I made a forum post requesting a fix to allow seasonal ironmen into instanced zone. This unfortunately was not implemented.  I havent played in a couple weeks anticipating that update so I could do more bossing, but alas were in the same boat we were in. Feels bad.

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