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How old are you? 



What is your current location?



Have you ever been blocked from the wiki?

I am currently blocked, although this is a long story I am more than happy to explain -.-


Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did.



Create a brief introduction about yourself.

Hi! My name's Max, I'm a university student studying Astrophysics up in frozen Alberta, Canada. I'm an amateur photographer (I'm on the exec team for my university's student photography club) and I love to research and write (I'm minoring in philosophy). I first joined DS back in 2017, won two hide-and-seek events on my first day, got cleaned for all my winnings, and requested my account be banned (this is why I play on HC Canada now, and why Canada is banned). Despite these shenanigans, I returned a few days later and played for a week or so before leaving for a full two years or so. Now, I'm back, and after starting to get a better grasp of the game in my first week than I did two years ago, I've been going strong for nearly a month now and am loving every minute of it. I also dont gamble anymore ;)


What are some of your strengths/weaknesses?

I'd say my most applicable strength is that while I may not be 100% confident in my knowledge initially, I am thorough enough to go through and double-check all of my work. I'd rather take a little longer than necessary to complete something and be confident in my work than get it done more quickly but based only on my prior knowledge. 


I'd say my biggest weakness is that I can be easily distracted and forgetful. It's not uncommon for me to sit down to work on an assignment only to realize 3 hours later that I still haven't started and the submission deadline is now only a couple hours away. I have started to tackle this problem IRL by using planners and electronic reminders, but I'm still a work in progress.


What is your best moment with Dreamscape?

My best moment so far was when, after many, many hours at revs, I invested my entire bank (about 45q cash) into an AK Asiimov. What made this moment great wasn't that I had achieved my goal, but it was the fact that 3 hours later, I sold it for about 95q. This is what got me into merching, although I still love and participate in other aspects of DS!

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