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Quick Bug Patch [18/02/2019]

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- We have fixed a bug that prevented true blacks from displaying on the client (e.g. Overloads and Black Flowers.)
- We have fixed the sponsor list and it should now accurately display the sponsors online (::sponsorlist)
- We have fixed a bug with comp accounts drop rate and luck not displaying correctly.

(Competitive Accounts have a static 40% drop rate and 25% luck)
- We have fixed a bug that made your Elo stat multipliers work in PVP and Battlegrounds
- We have fixed a bug that prevented you from gaining executive points if you had the notifications turned off.
- We have fixed a bug with Corporeal beast slayer tasks, these will now count towards your tasks

- We have fixed the discord verification, you can now verify your account on discord automatically!
- We have fixed a bug that allowed Platinum Partners to drop items

- We have fixed a bug that made some slayer tasks not display properly

- Fixed an issue that left users stuck in instances after they had left

- Fixed an issue with Corporeal beast not showing on the ::drops interface

- Fixed an issue that prevented platinum partners from using various commands

- We have updated the stats on a number of peoples custom items

- We have fixed an issue with the item lottery not auto-updating after a lottery has completed




We have added some new rare items to the 2k19 Box!

You can now win the following prizes from the 2k19 box:





Dream Range Armour (Helm, Platebody, Legs)

Dream Mage Armour (Helm, Platebody, Legs)




Blood Eclipse and Raiders Rash

(custom donation)




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