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Help Clan chat

One of the most important things on a server/website is taking care of each other
That's why the Help Clan chat "cc" is created a long time ago. 
This is one the most important and main Clan chats in Dreamscape, in this cc everyone is welcome and everyone can talk, and ask each other for help.

The main idea is to help each other out on a kind and fair way.
The ranking in the help cc is slightly the same as in other clan chats. The only way you can get ranked in the Help cc is to become a staff member.

Refp3TW.png Helpers
JkdJ17R.png Moderators
W2mKywU.png Owner/Co-Owner


-Every clan chat has their rules, and it's normal to follow these rules. If you don't you are normal and don't have to follow the rules, of course there are consequences. These consequences are kick/ban. (Depends on the situation which is going on)

-In the help clan chat it's strongly important to reply normal and kind, not aggressive/mad/arrogant. 

-Don't advertise your hostings of gambling in the help cc.

-The help cc is not the clan chat where people can buy or sell their items. If you do this, you're getting a normal warning. The warning will be: Hello [Players name], this isn't the right cc for buying and selling, do you wan't to do this in the market cc.



Kind regards,


The staff team

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