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What's up dreamers!

Today we hit you with a brand new update!

Featuring a new game mode! New lottery system! New interfaces!

As well as our usual handful of juicy custom items, bug fixes and more!







We listened to you!



Today we introduce Dreamscape Competitive Mode Season One!


Compete against other players in this month long competitive season!


Start by creating a new account and selecting 'Competitive Mode'




Competitive accounts have similar restrictions to ironmen, with no ability to trade, gamble or used the player owned shops!




You will be on your own as you try to get to the top of several leaderboards!

The majority of these leaderboards can be found at ::train





At the end of the month the person with the highest in each category wins!

The same person can win in multiple categories!


At the end of Competitive Season One all competitive mode accounts will be reset to ironmen accounts and you will be able to retain your progress and items!


The Categories are as follows:


Skill level
This will draw from the players total level in game, the person with the highest at the end of the month will win.The leaderboard at train displays the top 10 players with competitive game mode who have the highest total levels.


Bank Value
This will be assessed by staff upon completion of the 1 month


Gems Collected
Players with competitive mode accounts will be able to collect 'Competitive Gems'.The leaderboard at ::train displays the top 10 competitive mode accounts with the most gems collected

NPC kill counter

This will be pulled directly off ::npckills. The leaderboard at ::Train should show the top 10 players with comp mode accounts with the most npc kills


Overall winner
This will be the person who staff believe have risen to the challenge of Competitive Mode the most and have made the biggest impact in the competitive season 1!


At the end of the month the winners in each categories will receive 1000$ store credit and amazon gift cards!


With a total prize pool exceeding $5,000 you really can't afford to miss out...

For more information, please see this thread:






We have made it even easier to track your achievements and claim your rewards!

By clicking on the green star in the quest tab you can now access a more user friendly achievements interface.

This will tell you more about the achievement, give you a progress bar as well as let you claim your rewards directly through the interface.

To claim your reward, simply click on it!





We listened to you!



Today we introduce the item lottery!


This new lottery is open to all players and is entered using cash!

Admins will set the item lottery with a new prize, number of entries and a cost per entry variable!




Once all of the slots are  taken, the lottery is randomly drawn and the winner receives the prize!


To take part in the item lottery type ::openitemlottery




This is a great way for players to transfer their cash into rare items and limited time goodies as well as a wayof getting a reward for a fraction of the price!




There is a limit of 1 entry per account, however their are no rules on entering the item lottery on alt accounts.





We have added a donator panel to the sidebar of the client!

This will allow you to keep track of our top monthly donators with ease!


We have also fixed the way that the Market button on the side of the client functions, displaying the results in numerical order!

This will allow you to see the cheapest first and can be a good way of keeping track of prices.


We have also added the new skills (summoning and gambling) to the xp tracker on the side of the client!

This will allow you to track your exp a lot easier!





We listened to you!



After some player feedback we have changed the way in which the prizes for the code key chest are displayed!

These are now displayed through the code key chest itself!


You can access the rewards list by right clicking the code key chest and clicking the rewards!


We are also adding some new items to the code key chest!


See below for pictures of the new items!




We have added a feature for our executives to disable spammy notifications while at the executive zone.




Simply click the options tab, then click more options and finally select executive notifications to prevent yourself getting notifications about executive points while killing mobs at the executive zone.




As promised we have added the first of many updates to the Emperor's ring!

Healing effect!


The emperors ring will now heal you during combat when equipped!

This ring is extremely overpowered and will receive constant buffs and new features!

Buy it now before the price increases!



We have added the infrastructure for our platinum partnership!



New Rank in Game and title!



New automatic text colour for chat and yell!



With more benefits added each week, it's never been a better time to consider joining our Platinum Partnership!


We listened to you!



We have added 2 new items to the upgrade chest!


The oblivion Scythe now upgrades to the Infinity Scythe




and the Frostbite staff now upgrades to the Glacier Staff!





Both of these upgrades double the stats of the items making them very op!


Test your luck today at ::upgrade





We listened to you!



We have added battleground statistics to the discord!

You can access these in the #Battlegrounds Channel!





We have also changed the way the final fight works!

When there are two players left, they will be teleported next to each other and have to duel to the death with whatever resources and gear they have collected.


No more running! Just pure unrelenting fights to the death!

Best of luck!






Introducing brand new bundles to the donation store!

These bundles give a set collection of items that we have hand picked to help out at various stages of the game!


tJxeXgC.pngBeginner BundletJxeXgC.png
This beginner bundle contains all the items you need to succeed!

donator ticket

 American Pernix Armour! 

Golden Ak-47

American Boxing Gloves

Elemental Boots

double exp ring!



tJxeXgC.pngMid-game BundletJxeXgC.png

This mid-game bundle gives you some super juicy gear to step up your game!

Including infernal helm, body, legs, boots

Mystic gloves

Ring of wealth (I)

Aqua spirit shield

White glass wings

 Nax amulet

Necromancer jr pet!


tJxeXgC.pngEnd Game BundletJxeXgC.png

This end game bundle will take you to full domination!

Including: Eternal Crystal Set

Eternal Khione Staff

Space Spirit Shield

Space boxing gloves

Quantum Boots

Trix Amulet (I)





Beatz baby boy

Custom Donation



Diablo Revamp

Graphical rework




Raider Rash Staff and Set

Custom Donation



Space Scythe

Availble from code key chest



Purple Mist Scythe

Availble from code key chest



Inferno Scythe

A future reward from the seasonal goodiebox



The Expunger

Custom Donation


 Planetary Devastator Sword

Custom Donation


Swag Gun

Custom Donation



Storm + Breaker

Custom Donation








We have revamped the BFG9000 and BFG Offhand inventory model
We have mad Dream bones tradable
We have added in new Scavenger Rewards for the first to 99/120/150
We have made it so top prizes from the Goodieboxes appear in the discord box channel
We have added a message that displays after someone wins the Vote event
We have fixed the Sponsor list to only display sponsors
Soulwell now accepts noted items
We have fixed the Magic Balls from the world boss blocking players
We have removed the Upgrade chest teleport notificaiton
We have Fixed black triangles that appeared on some models
We have fixed a graphical bug with the Clan setup interface
We have made it so Corp drops are announced


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Every update gets better and better!! New Graphical update on Diablo is LITTTTT!!!! Hype train on the emperor ring health buff too- recommend everyone to get it as soon as possible (the next op item with every update) ! :)  Those BFG Customs, what up!!!!  Thanks staff for the hard work and dedication to the community! Mad luv and respect as always!


Warmest Regards, 



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