Today it is my pleasure to introduce the Dreamscape Platinum Partnership!   This new and highly exclusive club is available to only the most dedicated of the DSgang!     To join the Platinum Partnership you must have donated $5000 (USD) in 2019, including donations that you sell to other players (will be cross referenced to your PayPal email)         Platinum Partnership Benefits: The benefits of the platinum partnership are vast and are a great way to celebrate the dedication and generosity of our most Executive members.   A 10% Discount code valid on all donations throughout the store and custom donations (valid for 1 year) 12 x monthly Platinum loot boxes with exclusive items and juicy custom items (each containing a minimum of 500$ - worth 6000$ total) Exclusive Platinum Yell colour Exclusive Platinum Partner Set (Helm, Body, Legs) Custom Icon in game Exclusive title in game A statue of your character added in game for all to see Exclusive regular voice call consultations with Chuck, Drax and the development team discussing new content and unreleased projects. Private direct communication and support with high ranking staff and the development team Optional: An exclusive trip to hangout with other Platinum Partners and a meet and greet with the Dreamscape team. Live the executive life in style with baller day trips, executive tours and exclusive nightlife. This will take place in the USA, additional expenses TBC, participants must be over 21.