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What's good dreamers!


Unfortunately there has been recently a few individuals contacting members in game and on discord offering donations for low prices.


They encourage you to send them money via skrill/paypal/rsgp and then say they will credit your account with the donation items.




The only way to donate on Dreamscape is through our store or by contacting a member of staff for direct payment options/rsgp donations.


Do not believe people who message you offering donations at lower rates if you send them money.

They may tell you they have a secret method or a technique to get items for cheaper - this is 100% a lie.

As enticing as this may sound, these methods do not exist and they are only interested in getting your money.


Please do not fall pray to these scams!


Ensure you are talking to a staff member when discussing donations and if you need personal verification from me - send me a pm in game or on discord (Drax#2878)





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There are actually quite a few people that tried selling me a donation while staff wasn't on. A few of them want me to pay half at first, do the donation and then finish the rest of the deal. I always tell them "I will not do this donation without a Staff Member as MiddleMan, it's a bannable offence and i put too much time into my account to get banned for a dumb reason."

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