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Upgradable Items List [Updated]

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Welcome to the new Upgradable Items List!

In this topic you will find info about what items upgrade into and the chance of upgrading items. Both for the upgrade chest and the Wizard Shug NPC for Auras, Scavenger shop for more items!




Current Upgradable Items!

There is currently a total of 46 items that you can upgrade in the chest as of making this thread.




The left side will be the original item, and the right will be the upgraded version. If you wish to know the stats of anything on this list and the bonuses please use ::gearviewer or the Dreamscape Wiki.

These items will be colour coded by chance of upgrading. 

Easy will be Green, Medium will be Yellow, Hard will be RedDream will be purple.

These items include:

Virtus Mask - Elite Virtus Mask

Virtus Robe Top - Elite Virtus Robe Top

Virtus Robe Legs - Elite virtus Robe Legs

Dragonbone Full Helm - Dragonbone Helm (u)

Dragonbone Platebody - Dragonbone Body (u)

Dragonbone Platelegs - Dragonbone Legs (u)

American Torva Helm - American Torva Helm (u)

American Torva Body - American Torva Body (u)

American Torva Platelegs - American Torva Legs (u)

American Virtus Mask - American Virtus Helm (u)

American Virtus Robe Top - American Virtus Body (u)

American Virtus Robe Legs - American Virtus Legs (u)

American Pernix Cowl - American Pernix Helm (u)

American Pernix Body - American Pernix Body (u)

American Pernix Chaps - American Pernix Legs (u)

Drygore Offhand - Drygore Offhand (u)

Royal Sicle - Royal Sicle (u)

Ice Katana - Golden Katana

Assault Rifle - Scoped Rifle

Soulflare - Soulflare (u)

Spacejam Sword - Space Jam (u)

Gold Chain - Nocturnal Chain

Gold Chain (Megadonator) - Nocturnal Chain

Silver Chain - Black Chain

Shadow Helm - Shadow Torva Helm (u)

Shadow Platebody - Shadow Torva Body (u)

Shadow Platelegs - Shadow Torva Legs (u)

Elemental Helm - Chaos Helm

Elemental Platebody - Chaos Body

Elemental Platelegs - Chaos Legs

Fallen Death Cape - Fallen Death Cape (u)

Pikachu - Thunderstone

Collectors Necklace - Blood Necklace

Ring of Wealth (i) - Ring Of Fortune

Golden Ak-47 - Platinum AK-47

Ice Offhand - Golden Offhand

Khiones Staff - Eternal Khiones Staff

Crystal Helm - Eternal Crystal Helm

Crystal Platebody - Eternal Crystal Body

Crystal Platelegs - Eternal Crystal LEgs

Minigun - Golden Mingun

Golden Minigun - M4A4 Asiimov

Electronic Katana - Ultimate Dream Katana

Platinum AK-47 - AK-47 Asiimov

Frostbite Staff - Glacier Staff

Oblivion Scythe - Infinity Scythe





For Wizard Shug, who is just to the east of the upgrade chest, he only upgrades auras. All auras have the same chance of upgrading, which is easy. You may upgrade auras from Level 1 to Level 3, depending on the aura.



These Auras Include:

Fortune Level 1 - Fortune Level 2 - Fortune level 3

Lucky Stars Level 1 - Lucky Stars Level 2 - Lucky Stars Level 3

Augury Level 1 - Augury Level 2 - Augury Level 3

Mystic Level 1 - Mystic Level 2 - Mystic Level 3

Berserker Level 1 - Berserker Level 2 - Berserker Level 3

Thick Skin - Steel Skin - Platinum Skin

Trinity Level 1 - Trinity Level 2 - Trinity Level 3

Godsend Level 1 - Godsend Level 2 - Godsend Level 3

Fortunate Favour Level 1 - Fortunate Favour Level 2 - Fortunate Favour Level 3



For Scavenger Shop, who is just to the east of the upgrade chest, he only requires you atleast level 50 Scavenger. All items have the different chance of upgrading. 



Donator Ticket - Super Donator Ticket(Level 50)

Super Donator Ticket - Extreme Donator Ticket(Level 50)

Extreme Donator Ticket - Sponsor Ticket(Level 50)

M4A4 Asiimov - BFG9000(Level 60)

AWP Asiimov - BFG9000(Level 60)

AK-47 Asiimov - BFG9000(Level 60)

Aqua Spirit Shield - Space Spirit Shield(Level 70)

Black Jack Table- Lava Black Jack Table(Level 75)

Longclaw - Icy Glaive(Level 80)

Ultimate Dream Katana - Icy Glaive(Level 80)

Sword of the Protectorate - Icy Glaive(Level 80)

Golden AK-47 - AK-47 Asiimov(Level 90)

Golden Minigun- Lava Minigun(Level 99)

Icy Glaive - Custom Glaive(Level 110)

Vorago Jr - Helicopter Pet(Level 120)

Diablo Jr - Helicopter Pet(Level 120)



Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully it helps some of you with some knowledge.

Will keep this updated as new additions are made and things are updated.


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