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This topics idea is to let everyone know what to do in situations on ::dicezone. Some of you may be unaware of something, and if its not answered in this thread, do not hesitate to pm either Me, one of the Trusted hosts or our Gambling Manager.



Someone lost his bank and is flaming ?

First thing you can do is inform staff member of the situation. Please try to explain it as in-depth you can, so they can make a required action. However if there's not staff member online in-game, you could try to politely calm him/her down. If that doesn't help at all, you could try to pm any of the staff members in Discord. Basically staff needs to be informed about that kind of behavior.


Someone is accusing other of scamming ?

First thing to do is ask if he/she has a video proof about scamming, if not, politely tell them that there is no item refunds in case there is no video proof. Although there is no item refunds, you should ALWAYS report to staff member so they can make an action and keep a close eye on them. You should guide them to always read the rules, and record your gamble sessions.


Someone lost his bank and is quitting ?

You can tell them ways to rebuild and try to motivate them to keep playing. You should also tell him that he will most likely be returning soon, and can't think straight right now because is mad. Do not give free items to them.


Someone is fping without middleman ?

First thing to do is to check at dice cc if them gambling has rank. If they do, try to ask how big is the pot. If pot is bigger than they can hold, report that to staff member or trusted host, most importantly to gambling manager if there is one online. If they doesn't, do the same thing and report that to staff member immediately. Players in any circumstances are not allowed to Flower poker without middleman. Anyone (extreme donator+) can host Hot or Cold, and play diceduels without middleman.


Someone lost his bank and is arguing about it over yell ?

Simply politely tell them to keep that off yell and pm each others instead.


There is no Trusted hosts online to middleman ?

First thing you should do is check dice cc, if there is any ranked online (Please check what rank can hold what amount). If there is not, check our discord to see if there is anyone, or try to pm someone who could middleman your flower poker. If there is not, you can't flower poker against anyone in any circumstances. You can still Dice duel. Remember, staff is allowed to middleman aswell. Also Wiki Editors are able to middleman IF there is no staff or Trusted hosts online.


When someone tries to convince you to gamble if you don't want ?

You politely tell him you're not interested at the moment. If he keeps saying you a runner, and wont stop after telling him, report that to Trusted host, or staff member. In any cases, what you gamble is only up to you. If you don't want to gamble, you don't have to. You gotta know when to stop.


If Trusted host is being rude at you ?

Simply, there is nothing else to do than reporting that to Gambling manager right away. 



Please do pm me, if you have any questions you want to be added to the list. I will be editing this thread when I can think of some new questions to be added. Hopefully this can help someones out if they are unaware what to do in different situations.



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really great guide,


to make sure rules are respected and followed.

 however, many people that I knew, that raged under some circumstances whilst dicing/gambling, it is completely understandable, but rules are rules,

they must be followed, if not, warned, or potentially punished.

this guide shows how well you know about gambling and how well you deal with these situations.

thank you for posting this.

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AS much as I love this guide, unfortunately, people at the moment end up losing it all and saying things they will regret minutes later from getting perm muted great guide helpful for many scenarios 

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