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Noobs guide to ranged Mid tier (to avoid money wasting mistakes)

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Making this guide so everyone has a fair chance.  Also, so you guys wont make the same mistakes i made starting out)


Can be applied to all types of accounts except ironmen(cuz i never played one)


1:After character creation, head to ::mbox and grind out Mystery Boxes (it gets boring) 

      -They can be sold to ticket dealer at home for 100b a piece (best option) or market for more (sucka option)

      -Idk if its true but (for me at least) it seems like the more penguins you kill, the more drops you get.

      -stay here until you get about 10T for gear.  You can get it all at once or buy the gear in pieces

      -first gear your gonna want to buy outside flame set (which comes from squeal of fortune)  is gonna be the elite pernix(3-6t a piece) along with assault rifle(500b) or scoped rifle(1-5t)


2:  Once you get elite pernix and scoped rifle you can start grinding the arcade.  Now your going for Super Mystery Boxes (750 arcade points, and can sell from 70-100t in the market).  you get 10 points per floor of the arcade and with the inital setup youll prolly be getting around 5-7 floors every 10 mins. =300-420 points an hour.  

    -once you get another 20t,  you can buy the Asencion Crossbow (15t-20t) 

    -Also, you can get the dream ranged potion 24Hours, for 12t-15t.

    -With that setup you'll be getting 9-10 floors every 5 minutes. And now you grind, Your next armor set is American Pernix (350t-850t a piece) and a Minigun( 4Q)


3:  Once you get here your on your own as this was as far i got before i stopped playing.  Last tips, DONT BUY:  ak47, golden ak47

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Awesome guide. 

This could really help someone starting out, I hope you do some more! Thankyou for taking the time to do it.



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