Dreamscape Christmas Themed Meme Event! Big Prizes!

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Welcome top the Christmas themed Meme Event! This event will be one where you create a Meme centered around Christmas! This can include a wide range of things related to anything around Christmas or the feeling of them.


Rules for entering and competing in the event: 

1. All entries must not break any of the Dreamscape Rules

2. No memes aimed at any one specific individual/staff member.

3. All memes must be appropriate. Ex: Death memes not allowed.

4. Can not take content from other peoples posts, try to be original as possible.


Failing to follow these very simple rules will get you eliminated from the event

without warning.


To enter the event: 

1. Comment your in game name.

2. Post your image directly onto the forums, do not post a link to the image.

3. Wish everyone Happy Holidays.



Prizes to be won


First Prize: M4A4 Asiimov




Second Prize: Oblivion Scythe



Third Prize: Minigun



Static prize for entering: Event Box (everyone who enters win this regardless)




The winners for the event will be announced on the 15th of December!

Good luck everyone who decides to enter, and remember creativity and be the best memer you can!





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3 hours ago, ikkain said:

ign ikkain

somehow i am only allowed to post pictures maximum size of 30kb so that wont work for me 😕


Happy Holidays everybody !!


Use this,

[ img ] https://i.imgur. com/UdCYYvw. jpg [/ img ]

(Remove spaces afterwards) (there's also a space between . and com  & . and jpg in the link fyi.

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