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Filth/Goats Graphic Designer Application

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In-Game Name:
True Temper
How long have you been on Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums):
Since 2015.
How much content have you created for our community?:
I am currently apart of the Wiki Team as a graphic designer.
In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve this rank:
I feel I deserve this rank because I am the most actively posting graphic designers here on DS. I am self taught, give great constructive criticism, and aspire to help others learn my craft. 
What are your plans for the future?:
I don't know which context this is asking in (irl or dreamscape), but IRL I would like to go to school and actually pursue a career in Graphic Design so I can make my hobby a job. In DS I am really just trying to have fun, be helpful, and provide my knowledge.
What is your previous experience with Graphics Design, before DreamScape?: 
I have an extensive 8-10 years self taught design experience. I have held the designer rank on various forums, as well.
Have you been banned/muted before?:
If yes to above explain why: 
What could you contribute with to the GFX part of our community?:
As I stated above, I am currently apart of the Wiki Team as a graphic designer. Apart from the wiki, I wish to help other designers and members learn their skill and host design related events here on the forum (if given the opportunity!)
What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape GFX Designer?:
1. Honesty
2. Confidence
3. Helpful attitude
4. Willingness to learn
5. Task driven
Link/Show 5 pieces of content created by you (Show variety):
Do you meet the requirements for becoming a GFX Designer?:

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