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FazeEco Introduction

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Hello All,
I know many of you are wondering, who is this guy? Well my in-game name is fazeEco but my real name is Lee. I am currently attending college part time while still having a job and being as active as possible on the server. I work at in n out burger (which is mainly designated in the south ex. California) and I completely have my doubts about it, but hey money doesn't grow on trees. My favorite things to do outside of work in usually play with my dog because he is getting to the age where time is not on his side and I am all he has. Have any of you played rugby before? Well I have and I completely enjoy it! I have been playing since I was a toddler in middle school and we would always play "Tag" football and call it rugby. Anyway, I plan to be an active participant on the server and I hope that anyone who does need help with anything weather its inside the server or outside, you may come to me for anything and I promise I won't bite. Hope all of you have a wonderful day and stay safe!



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