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hc nine

Raiden with hc nine

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So I have heard in-game that you need necro jr and averys for raiden , Well im gonna say that is actually not accurate , I have done raiden in oblivion armor with frostbite staff up to 19 kills all solo except maybe 1 or 2 either way i didn't need the help I figured out a few things.


1. my set up is : oblivion armor with scythe , glass wings , aqua ss , mystic gloves and , ring of fortune , and funny mbox pet lmao.


2. only brought food just rainbow fish honestly


3. zero pots what so ever , also entered with 0 prayer.


Okay now to explain why no pots and zero prayer , for one your pots take up room and honestly they aren't worth a dang their due to how he eats your prayer , Also when your praying it makes him use his stuff more often like drain or soul drain taking your health and as well prayer , which i dont think you want also i noticed between times i did use he tended to hit me for 4s and 6s and other lows here and their with out attacking as i attacked so i knew right then prayer was useless cause he will deal damage back to you for what your ss takes , Regardless do not bring prayer unless you got heli or something that keeps prayer up then your good.


I also explained when to eat in video how to do it basically if your like me , Then my video is for you :) hope ya'll enjoy I know i did since i hadn't made a video in over 4 week's.




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