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grant lotto suggestion

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What's the current issue? Grand lotto is boof for big donors
What's your suggested way of fixing it? Once a week, maybe saturdays cuz saturdays are for the boys, host a Super Grand lotto with a 25 or 50 or even 100 single entry cost ($25/50/100 donation = 1 entry) where not only are the 1st/2st/3rd/special 1st bigger and better but the static prize is also better ie 1q item for everyone who enters. 25-50q item for 1st, 10q item for 2nd, 2-5q item for 3rd.
How will this benefit player/server? Just more incentive to donate the mullah :) 
How could this be expanded in future? Bigger and better grand lottos - 200 single entry cost once a month with a 1st place prize equivalent of 100q... many expansions could be done
What negative effect could this have?  quit being a negative nelly and be an optimistic olly!

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