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Im very pleased with the entries and amazing Gfx I am glad to announce this months POTM WINNERS!. 

Gfx is also a BIG part of Dreamscape, and for that we host a Picture of the month event specifically for those that create Gfx.

Hopefully the event continues to grow and become bigger with in the community.

I would like to thank all of you for entering this amazing event!

We have some amazing entries and it was very hard for me to choose the winner! 

without furtherance here are this months winners!


 Remember if you need any Graphics done please contact our very own @Reeves! He is amazing and captures exactly what you are looking for!! If you are interested in a new forum picture, thread header, signature etc. All you have to do is contact him!! 



If you are interested in becoming a Graphics member and

have questions regarding the rank and what it includes/requires

please feel free to contact Reeves or myself! Make sure to check out the requirement thread below!

1st place and winner of a golden minigun! Valued (9-10Q) 

@Lost Legacy  +hpoo7Gd.gifPOTM WINNER




2nd place winner of a Oblivion Set + 1Q cash Valued (7Q)




3rd place winner of a Aqua Spirit Shield + 500T Cash Valued (3.5Q-4Q)




Remember this months theme was  "Anything FLAME Related"

A new theme will be coming out very shortly so keep your eyes peeled!!!

and be ready for the new POTM!


 Anybody can enter this event and anybody can win!

So make sure to enter for your chance to win!

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