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Custom Item Auction!

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Starting today we are auctioning off some juicy custom items!

These are all 1 in game items that have already been made and are in game and can be delivered to you instantly!!


Included in the price is a rename, so you can name the item whatever you want!


To bid on an item simply message Drax in game or on discord - Drax#1111


Bought donations do not count for these items, however we can work out payment plans!!






Lime Minigun Glaive!


Starting Bid: 800$

Current Bid: 

Auto Win: 1200$





Black Custom Glaive


Starting Bid: 700$

Current Bid: 

Auto Win: 1000$





Custom Icon


Starting Bid: 300$

Current Bid:

Auto Win: 500$





American Flag Cape

(with fixed animations)


Starting bid: 400$

Current Bid:

Auto Win: 750$






Sword Cape



Starting bid: 350$

Current Bid: 

Auto Win: 600$







Blaze Cape!

10% drop rate!


Starting Bid: 200$

Current bid:

Auto Win: 400$





Lava Set

10% drop rate, 20% double drop rate


Starting Bid: 850$

Current Bid:

Auto Win: 1500$





Custom Armour set


Starting bid: 600$

Current bid:

Auto win: 1000$





Custom Cape


Starting bid: 400$

Current bid: 

Auto Win: 600$





End of auction:

7th October 2018 (00:00 GMT)



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11 hours ago, DRAX said:

maybe on old and unused accounts... 

There is about to be another that people can actually enjoy heh heh heh

yeah yeah just saying might not be that unique :) i know you did your research

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