!Old School Fashion Event!

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Spirax Regular 

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Welcome one and all! This event is for all members willing to participate. There will be 3 winning positions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to get into

one of these you must have the very best old school outfit. 


-Examples below, just a few to reference from as to what old school is-


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1.)  You MUST be in old school gear, no new school or custom items involved. Failure to comply with this rule will automatically terminate your entry.


2.)  You MUST comment below a screen shot of the outfit (must be you wearing it)


3.)  DO NOT beg for items from other members to enter this event, if i hear about it you will NOT have the chance to win.


4.) You can have your equipment tab open in the screen shot showing what you are wearing to others.


You can wear capes, boots, necklaces, etc with the outfit as long as it is old school.

Dont have the items you want? You can go into OSRS and take the SS from there as well!

:)simple and easy please play by the rules in order to win  :) 

The Event Closes On The First Of OCTOBER

!Myself and rFVX1ME.png@K 0 X D rFVX1ME.png will choose the top 3 players with the best outfits!




Spirax Regular

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1.) Infinity Gauntlet08b3e8043232c79ed0c75706f4f6aee7.png


2.) Oblivion Scythe Oblivion Scythe Equipped


3.)Soulflare U Soulflare (u) Equipped



Spirax Regular

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