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So good for thought. A NPC revamp friendly to starters let's put the charizard raid to use. Revamping the npcs so they have flame torva ernix etc assault rifles just basic things that can cost minimal coins. Vote rewards RNG maybe enhanced or brush up the loyalty streak I've only been on here for 3 weeks or so and I noticed a lot of starter players dip out so quick. How can we as a community continue to grow? Why are the steps we can take to make the start more friendly because the first week shouldn't be grinding out soul split and getting a golden katana. Just using that as an example maybe revamp the tutorial a bit and throw a reward in there. Add a few items into the squeel wheel. Please leave feed back to this s i see the same people everyday. I try to help new players out but it seems I get 1 in 10 to pm me the next day.

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