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Setting up ::2step

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Info on 2step!

To set up 2 step authentication on your account you will need either a mobile phone with Google Authenticator app installed


Android: Click Here


IOS (IPhone) -Click Here


- OR - 


If you don't have a mobile phone or would prefer to keep things localised on your browser, install the google authenticator Chrome Exstension

Click Here



Steps to Setting up 2 step


1. Login to your in game account and type ::2step


2. This will open a browser with a QR code




3. Scan this barcode either with the google authenticator app or with the chrome extension




4. This will now show up with your Dreamscape username and a 6 digit code which will change every 30 seconds




5. Go back to your game client and type in the 6 digit code into the open chatbox window




6. Congratulations! If you followed the steps above and entered the 6 digit code correctly your account will be secured with 2step authentication





What does this mean?


2 step authentication means that you must have access to the code to login from a new IP address.

It is by far the most effective way of securing your account

(we have not yet had a single verifyable report of a player being hacked who had ::2step enabled)


Should you try to login to your account from a new IP address you will be prompted to enter your 6 digit code off your app or chrome extension.


This number goes in the 'auth box' to the right hand side of where you enter your username and password (see Auth:999999)




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