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Important information on Discord Verification

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Today we are unveiling a new verification system for our Discord.

We have a lot of players complain in the past about phone verification and having issues.

However discord security is very important to us! We want to ensure people on our Discord are truly members of the DSGang and at the very least play Dreamscape rather then advertisers.


Today we are unveiling a new form of discord verification which links your in game account to your discord account (This is an RSPS first!)


To setup discord verification, simply login to your in game account and type ::verifydiscord, a message will appear with a command for you to type in discord




Then go onto discord and type in the command




You will be awarded the verified rank



For the initial roll out of discord/in-game verification, this will have no effect. However, once we are confident that the system is viable we will limit typing in text chats and joining voice chats on our discord to verified Dreamscape Players only.


The discord is a amazing place for community engagement, communicating with staff and Lit Events!


We want to ensure that our discord is for the real DSGang!



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