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Starting an Iroman

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Okay this is my first guide let me state that now, having said that critique me to the death.


The very first thing you should do is vote as an ironman. The rewards you can get can change your whole first 10 hours of grinding. If you are not successful at acquiring a weapon do not fret. You can type ::loyaltystreak (you must vote to get reward) and on the second day you'll get a royal sickle. 

After that you should go to the vendors at home go to "surok magis" and buy the monkey pack. Then grab as many drygore offhands as you need to upgrade it. You can do this by going to ::upgrade there will be a chest there to upgrade select items.


After you've done this it is time to begin the real jourmeu. Its time to go to ::mbox. The goal here is to collect all of the mystery boxes and collect the bones. You can use the bones on the altar next to ::arcade to get bonus exp. Your looking to get dragon bone (u) and flame torva pieces from the mystery boxes as well as a pet. Your going to be here until you collect enough bones for soul split. If you still haven't acquired a better weapon you should now go to ::starterboss and fight tourqat till you get a better weapon. 


Now that you've built your ironman somewhat up you have a few options for upgrades. Its going to be a bit grindy but you can do slayer and after the first prestige you can get the bdc. Another option it will be slow and tedious but you have a chance at really good rewards is arcade. You can either save up for dynamic boxes or super mystery boxes. You can see what each box gives via ::deals and go to the box section there will be a button to click that shows all of the possible rewards. The last thing is to grind in the instanced portal at ::home. This will give you instance points which is how I suggest to advance as much as you can with a combination of slayer. There is no right boss to kill but I'd suggest if you don't have it dragon bone and then Bork if you still need an ice Katana. Vetion is also a good starter for this as well he drops the gold chain and is super easy to kill. you want to progress to the shadow kings as fast as possible they drop good boots and armor. 


If you plan on farming magegray (::magegray) id suggest just saving your points from instanced bosses and buying an invictus weapon as you will need these to unlock the Inga armor to go with the soulflare. Once youve acquired this I highly suggest doing arcade until you can afford oblivion scythe and then necromancers for their armor. There are many good rewards from the arcade that will take a week or so to get it worth the grind once you get the gear.


Remeber your playing as an ironman its going to be hard but once you get past the first hump its smooth sailing. Good luck on the drops




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