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Reborn blaze

Arcues Npc

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I was thinking about a new pokemon that could be in Ds since a a handful of them are in Ds and that would be the god pokemon, Arcues! Now to get to it, i think there could be a portal at train where you need to kill a certain number of pikachus and charmanders and once you do that, you can use the portal to go to Arcues. Now as for the boss, it could be mid level difficulty but it should drop two things: Arcues Amulet and Arcues pet. Both would give either dr or luck but i think more luck would be better since a lot of things give Dr. The pet would give a bit more luck then lep pet or same, 10-15% but would be 1/1k or 1/500 from Arcues. As for amulet, it could give 5-10% luck and be similar dr of 1/500-1/1000 (or more for amulet or pet). Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

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