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out a world

tfw u donate $10k and lose it all

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Didn't know you can get cleaned by afking in donor room? Oh well. No one will miss you since we never saw you anywhere outside that room.


Apart from that there is no point in roasting you since you won't even have anything to give away for the effort of coming up with a roast.



#OneMoreHashtagToTellYouThatIStillLoveYou ❤️





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O em Gee, Uber rich people can also get cleaned out of their moneys. It's alright, you have the requisite skills and motivation to rebuild to a much bigger bank! :[)


Although, I presume that you are too fat in game to walk out of that donor room at dicezone ( No walking and pvming make Out a world's character a fat boi ) so I am not waiting with bated breath to see you rebuild your bank.


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