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POTM - September 2018

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Dear Dreamers and Graphic Designers!

With the Picture of the month event going so well and everyone participating I have decided to up the stakes on this months event!

Meaning giving even bigger rewards for those that participate! I do want to mention we are looking for more Graphic Designers, if you would like read up on the requirements or you believe you meet them please check out the application and apply!

***Only if you meet the requirements***




 Anybody can enter this event and anybody can win!

So make sure to enter for your chance to win!


We do have some requirements as well that must be met:


- The picture must be your own work

-Stock images are NOT acceptable

You must follow the monthly theme

- The image cannot be larger than 1500x1500px or 10mb

- You can only submit pictures taken in DreamScape

- Do not show any form of inappropriate content in your entry

- Voting for yourself is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant disqualification

- Post your submission down in the comments below



This Months theme is: "Anything FLAME Related"

We should all be familiar with this quote. The idea behind this is to incorporate this quote into your design that represents each word. This no doubt will be a challenge! So good luck!! 



I want to wish every participant good luck.

This thread will be open for entries until the 20th of September.


The voting thread will be opened on the 20th, and it'll close on the 28th of September as many players may not be able to vote if the time limit is smaller.

The winners will be announced on the 1st day of October.


The Prizes will consist of 3 winners (as long as there are enough entries)


Currently, we have these for the top 3 COMMUNITY rated Pictures!




First Prize will be:  1 Golden MinigunAND Picture Of The Month (potm)

gqDJsMG.png     +  hpoo7Gd.gifPOTM Winner


Second Prize: Oblivion Set + 1q Cash




Third Prize: Aqua Spirit Shield + 500T Cash

Aqua Spirit Shield Equiped

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