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Today we will be announcing a brand new monthly event. This will be a monthly event that is based around global npc kills and single player Npc kills too.

There will be a Npc named King Percival at home that when you talk to him. He will tell you how many Npcs have been Killed globally and how many Npcs you have killed Yourself.



(King Percival)


At a certain amount of global Npcs kills We will be doing different little events or giveaways.

(Example: at 200k global kills we will pick random comment from the thread and they will win a mini gun. At 500k global kills We will have a drop party).


100k-Box giveaway for every commenter!-super mystery box
           200k-Invite only drop party (only if you commented on this thread) 

133?cb=20160612070408250k-Box giveaway for every commenter!-dynamic box 
300k-5 Invite only pinatas (only if you commented on this thread)
400k-random comment wins prize-ext donator ticket 
500k-Box giveaway for every commenter!-DON box
600k-invite only flower game event (only if you commented on this thread)
700k-random comment wins prize - minigun 
750k-Box giveaway for every commenter!-Quad+ box
800k-Invite only trivia event 
900k-random comment wins prize - golden minigun
1000k-everyone who commented wins a goodie bag pick-best prize eternal khione's 
10000k- aka 10mil-random comment wins a prize-100q cash





Ok now to explain the second part of the event, which is Your own personal npc kill count. 

There will be a highscore board at home that will show you the players with the most npc kills of the month. The top ten players on highscores will win prizes.



(example of highscore board and prizes)



Top 10

#1-Dunderfan hc-10q in cash/items

#2-Iron zezima-9q in cash/items

#3-Athene-8q in cash/items

#4-Oma torva jr-7q in cash/items

#5-Miss Romy-6q in cash/items

#6-Goldah-5q in cash/items

#7-Hc Status-4q in cash/items

#8-Bia-3q in cash/items

#9-Hc Chong-2q in cash/items

#10-Nickiller-1q in cash/items


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Congratulations! we have already hit milestone 1 and are fast approaching milestone 2!
For everyone who has commented above, congratulations on winning the free super mystery box!
Contact Vaider in game or on discord to collect your reward.

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