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Yell Tag/Text Color Commands

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This will be a Guide on how to change your Yell, Color, Shade.

We will also go over changing color, shade of the text you yell.

Ok first we will do yell tag. To change you yell tag all you have to do is type in ::setyelltag (Then tag you want). Now to change your yell color. All you need to do is type in ::setyellcolor (color you want). Same goes for shade, just type ::setyellshade (color you want). Also you will need to put a space in between each command. Example( ::setyelltag Hello ).












Now we will be going over how to changes the color and/or shade of the text yell text. To change the color all you have to do is ::yell <f> <col=color code> then your text. Same goes for shade ::yell <f> <shad= color code> then your text . You can also combined it and do ::Yell  <f> <col=color code><shad=color code> then your text.

To find color codes, Go to Color Codes

On the site you will brought to this.



Here you will mix the color you want to get. Once you get the color you want, you will be using the Decimal Code. (example 14417664 is the code for color shown above) That is how you change the color and shade of your text. 

Hope this guide was a help to you.


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