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I'm a good player... i promise

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UPDATE: SO i have been doing achievements I've grinned some but not other due to how time consuming some are since "DArklordrr" is under as Hardcore so Xp rates are lower means longer grind for lamps. ALL EASY/MED achievement are done Due to me getting the executive cape(CAME clutch) other achievements have been easier than the first post i made about the achievements posted last month i did say ill do it more frequently but due to new updates and etc would be my next post about this would be my last and would be the post that all the achievements would be completed you mark my word!!!



Green - Complted

Yellow - To be completed

Red- haven't started

Purple-gonna take a lil while

Easy Task

Beat Up


Cleaning the streets

Dan de dance revolution

Death to dragon kin

Death to rocks

Eat up!

Fifty Centy Flex

Forum lurker

Get well

Jad job

Kardashain trend

Lil tay flex

Meahoy, memoyay?


Party time

Political activist


Star power


The the throne 

Wave rider

Wiki scholar


Medium Task


Ahrim Shot!

Battle Rookie

Burn Baby Burn

Council Member

DJ Kharil

Dangeroud Dueler

Dharok Devastation

Flame On


Game Night

Guthan's Make Light Work

Impling Catcher



Mohammad Ali

Myserty Man

Part Time Robber

Soul Splitter

Super Star Power

To Key or no to Key

Toraq to Riches

Verac Attack

Wave Counjurer

Well Well Well



Hard Task


Battle Veteran 4/5

Big spender

Bird watcher

Cape quest

Chaotic companion

Drop party

Feeling lucky

Fountain of youth


I hate the cold

Jason born

King slayer


Mountain man

No life1/5


Peace bringer

Peanut butter and space jam

Pet party


Rigged election

Runite plate

Runite scavange

Serial killer

Sherlock holmes

Trivia teacher


Witch hunt


Elite Task


A Man's Best Friend

Arcade Champion 38/50

Battle God 4/20

Chaos Commander

Chief Investigators

Chuck Norris

Corporal Punishment

Diablo III


Flared Up


Ice Ice Baby

Landfill 5Q/25Q

Lord of the UnderGround

No Experience Waste 1/8

Original Gangster


Pet Park

Quick Stop

Raid Raid Raiden

Show Host

The Last Horcrux

Trix are for Kids


Up Like Trump

V for Vendura 

With exorcist



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