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June Staff Event Winners

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Another month of Juicy prizes for to show appreciation to our staff! After another month of extreme hard work and dedication, the results are in for the Staff event!


This month we did more prizes then ever, featuring 3 prizes up for grabs and it was not a easy pick.


I am glad to say that everyone on the staff team has been going above and beyond this month! We value the consistency and keep up the great work!









First Prize


Laptop Worth $800




Second Prize



Logitech G933 Headset + Webcam + Mouse + Dual Monitors






Third Prize


Logitech G933 Headset + Webcam + Mouse













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@pkant18 great job! You really stepped it up this month. Putting in those 30 hour strait sessions! Remember dont burn yourself out.

@MonoBeast thank you  for bringing youtube to that next level and i'm really excited for the plans we have to come.


@Greenrune113 Keep it up! We really value you even though were on different time zones don't think your work is unnoticed. Thank you.


I think all the staff are doing a excellent job and July will be even juicer prizes  :) 

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Thank you Gio! I am to HYPED for our plans!! 


Congrats to pkant and Greenrune. We improve daily as a team and as such we should always be there for each other!

If there is ever anything ya'll need remember you can speak to me at any time via discord @MonoBeast#8150


Again thank you Gio for this juicy event.

P.S. - Nice signature 

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congratulations guys!
Love to see our team improve and work as hard as we can, #DSgang4life!

And of course thanks Gio. :)

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